Work it Wednesday {Sleeveless Chambray Blouse}

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

It's actually been a bit chilly here this week but I know that summer temperatures will be here shortly so I came up with another fashion "how to" for the sleeveless chambray shirt. I got mine at the CAbi outlet and word on the street is that they are still selling them! This shirt is so versatile and cool which will be perfect for summer. Here is my very unprofessional opinion on how to style it several ways...

Easy. Denim and white are a classic combo! (shorts old from ann taylor loft)

Playful. Tying the shirt up and adding a playful print makes this outfit fun. (skirt: old from CAbi but currently at their outlets!)

Nerdy. I definitely need some glasses for this one! (harem pants: old from CAbi)

Skanky Beachy. And only at the beach. You will not be seeing me in this at the grocery store. ;) (printed pants: sold out from current CAbi line)

Flirty. Now this I actually would wear out running errands. A bit less skin than the printed pants. (black maxi: old from Target)

Casual: Denim on denim can work if your shades are different and if your pieces are different textures and fits. (faded jeans: old from CAbi)

The back of the blouse is longer which I like... good booty coverage! I also love the cut out detail on top. Bonus: you can still wear a real bra with it!
On a side note I try to keep my posts varied to reach all my readers. With that said what would you guys like to see more/less of? Toddler/baby fashion? Mommy style? DIY? Home Decor? Party Inspiration? I can't make any promises but I do like to keep you guys interested! Thanks for following along! :)


  1. Cute top! I have never found a sleeveless blouse that I've felt feminine enough in to buy. I love the cut out and ruching detail. I love your mommy style posts and always enjoy your DIYs!

  2. Where are you sandals from? :)

  3. Haha yes my sandals are quite versatile too! They are from Nordstrom but two years ago. :( I think the brand was dolce vita.

  4. To be honest, I love all of your posts!...and read them daily. As a SAHM myself, it's good to see how other SAHM's live and do things. You always make my day:) (I know that sounds weird coming from a stranger ha). But thanks for taking the time to blog!


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