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Friday, April 10, 2015

I'm currently in Los Gatos for the In Bloom blogging workshop. Woot woot! I am beyond excited to meet new friends and learn some new blogging tricks too! Along with that I get to go wedding dress shopping with my best this weekend. It's going to be a blast!

I thought I would give you a little update on our infertility journey.

My body is whack. The hormones have completely flipped me upside down and I literally have no idea what day I am on in my cycle. I am definitely frustrated but determined to give it time since the doctor says this is all normal and happens to all his patients when they go on hormones. He told me to wait 9 months to a year. Sigh. I did that last year. I was hoping this would be a quick fix but I should have known better than that! Since I can't pinpoint when I'm ovulating we are quite busy over here!;) Now you know...you're welcome.

Oh, and I got my thyroid blood test back. After one month of being on it my thyroid is perfect. Yay for that! 

Like I said I'm a bit frustrated at the obscurity of my cycle BUT I have a friend who was also diagnosed PCOS and never had a period. She ended up prego three months after being on the same treatment I am on. That's a good sign. I've also had the pleasure of talking to quite a few friends who have friends with PCOS who got prego on their own or with the meds I'm on. It definitely gives me hope!

One of the hardest things is still hearing people tell us we need to "hurry up and have another one" or "Are you guys done?" Um no. Working on it. It happens all the time and often from strangers. I know they don't know any better or mean any harm and I try to have grace but it's still annoying. I guess people just assume that since we have one we can have more. Sigh. Secondary infertility needs more publicity.

The Lord has given me strength and much comfort. I can't say I'm at peace with the trial (are we ever?!) but I know that this is where He has us right now and I'm moving toward peace daily. I am constantly reminding myself of His power and control over my life which helps with my anxiety. I've been really encouraged by a devotional appropriately called, "Streams in the Desert." Here's what I loved this week,

"Get into the habit of looking at the silver lining of the cloud, and when you have found it, continue to look at it rather than at the leaden gray in the middle. Do not yield to discouragement...search out God's promises...The very instant you wholeheartedly turn away from every symptom of distrust and discouragement,  the blessed Holy Spirit will quicken your faith and breath divine strength into your soul."

Along with that I am 100% obsessed with these French Press Morning prints. They are SO beautiful and encouraging!

I bought this one.
But I also LOVE these...

My life verse. :)

So cute for a gallery wall. These would be awesome gifts! And look at that...my birthday is just around the corner! Hint hint friends and family. #shameless ;)


  1. I had never heard of secondary infertility before I met Courtney, now I am learning about it from a lot of people. My heart goes out to you and you are in my nightly prayers as I pray for myself and our infertility journey as well. We get a lot of questions from strangers about growing our family too and I have gotten to the point where I don't really hold back anymore and say "Ellie is adopted, we want to adopt again but its expensive...do you want to donate to our adoption fund?" I'm not shy about it any more!!

  2. Oh I LOVE the print that you bought. What an amazing blessing and promise. Praying for you always!

    And, so great to hear that your thyroid is perfect! Gotta name and claim those victories where you can! :)

  3. Secondary infertility does need more publicity! I get those same questions all the time. How are you supposed to respond? "Well we have been trying to get pregnant for almost 3 years but can't." Awkward :-)


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