Pink Blush Maternity Wear

Monday, February 4, 2019

*This post is sponsored by Pink Blush

While I do love sweats, I also realize I can't wear them for all nine months of my pregnancy. ;) It can be hard to find things to wear while pregnant but Pink Blush has me covered for maternity clothes! They sent over some adorable maternity tops and I got complemented on them right away! The best news is that I'm pretty sure they will work for me after the baby arrives win!

With Valentines Day around the corner this coral off shoulder ruffle pom trim maternity top is perfectly festive! I'll be sure to wear it out when my hubby takes me on a date night to celebrate! ;) It also transitions perfectly into spring... the pom poms are my favorite detail.

I also received this rust button should waffle knit maternity top which is so soft and comfy. I feel like this rust color is super in and in fact I'm using this color as a staple in the baby's nursery! I love it.

Road Trip Survival Guide with Toddlers

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Over the weekend M and I took the twins on their first road trip to San Luis Obispo (our college town!). When we were in college and made the trek we would go late at night to avoid LA and Santa Barbara traffic and could get there in about 4 hours.

Enter toddler twins.

The trip back home took us about 6.5 hours and for whatever reason was much more painful than the trip up. Lots of whining and dear goodness if someone dropped their sippy cup or blankie ONE more time we were going to lose it. You have cup holders in your car seats for crying out loud!

Here are some of the things that DID help us keep our sanity...

1. Pit stops
While the twins aren't potty trained yet (dreading this) and didn't need to use the restroom they DID need to get out and run around a couple times and use this opportunity to poop in their diapers (oh the joy).

2. DVD Player
This one doesn't really need explaining.

3. Snacks
I usually encourage healthy snack options when we are home but on a road trip I bust out all the naughty exciting food. And keeping it bite-size helps (Gold fish, Lucky Charms, suckers).

4. Stickers
Just make sure you bring a little notebook or something for them to put them on. Unless you're cool with stickers on your windows (I'm NOT).

5. Doller Bin Toys
Squishy balls, activity kits etc are good choices.

6. Good Old Fashioned Singing
This one is painful for me but kept the twins happy for an HOUR. I sang Old McDonald (they chose the animals), the wheels on the bus, five little ducks, and every other preschool song I knew. They loved the attention and interacting with me.

I hope this helps bring some sanity to your next road trip and share your road trip tips below!!!

Family Room Face Lift

Sunday, January 13, 2019

New year, who dis?! I'm always sad when Christmas is over BUT it does feel good to get our house back to normal. I like cleaning things out and organizing (Marie Kondo, anyone?!) and getting a fresh start.

With that said we purchased a new couch, chairs, and rug for our family room. It needed a face lift and I'm happy with how everything turned out! Just mulling over the pillow selection on the large couch. Pillows really add to a room but they can be pricey so I'm trying to find something I love at a good price!

We didn't intend to purchase furniture the day we went looking but the Pottery Barn Outlet ended up having exactly what we wanted; an L shaped light-colored couch (slip covered because kids) and two large grey slip covered chairs that swivel. I browsed their rugs but they were still pricey and I didn't love them. We ended up getting one at rugs USA for half the price (and a bigger size) than PB. In a perfect world I'd LOVE a rug from Joanna Gaines' line but holy $$$.

So far we're really happy and cozy with our new set up. We used to have a three seat leather couch and a love seat so adding extra seats has been nice! And in the meantime we are CRAZY about wiping our kids hands after every meal/snack. Comes with the territory!

20 weeks

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Half way to the finish line! This week marks 20 weeks and I can feel the baby moving and grooving. Matt is the only one who has felt the baby kick so far. It happened on his birthday/Christmas which was pretty special.

Definitely not nauseous like I was in the beginning. Still pretty pooped but that could be due to my three minions running around at home. Wearing legit maternity support leggings have really helped my varicose veins. I really love THESE by Blanqi! December was pretty miserable for our family. We were hit with ear infections, throw up, diarrhea, fevers, coughs and more! I was ready to say adios to 2019.

On top of all that glory my psoriasis returned since my immunity is so low (thanks pregnancy!) along with a couple of fever blisters. I'm quite a sight to be seen. Annnnd I sound like an old lady complaining about all my ailments. Let's move on!

Matt claims he's going to be naming this baby but ask him how many names he's come up with (zero). Also let it be made known that I suggested all the names for our other kids and he agreed to the ones we chose and had total veto power. Not a chance he gets 100% name control AND is making me wait to find out the gender till birth! But I'll let him think that for a while... ;)

So far I haven't been focusing on knowing the gender but that may change as things get closer to the due date. It's fully against my type A nature but I'm willing to take one for the team! For now I'm *trying* to fully enjoy this pregnancy is it IS my last. Still praising the One from whom all miracles come from! 

Our Day-Cation to Palm Springs

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

This post is sponsored by Palm Springs but the content and opinions expressed here are my own. 

I like the best of both worlds... who doesn't?! Recently we took a day trip to Palm Springs and got to go sledding and enjoy the sunshine all in one day!

We lucked out and found A LOT of snow at the top of the Palm Springs Tram. We grabbed a sled from the souvenir shop and enjoyed snow with the kids for the first time! After we were thoroughly frozen we got some hot chocolate in the restaurant and headed back to the tram to go back down to the base of the mountain.

 If you're planning on taking the tram with kiddos I would bring warm jackets, hats, and waterproof boots (rain boots would get the job done). If you have a sled bring it and save yourself a few dollars. Water and snacks are obvious items and gum (for your older kiddos) would help with ear discomfort (the altitude is above 8,000 feet).

After our snow play we were pretty hungry so we hit up our favorite local sandwich shop called,  The Sandwich Spot. M ordered the "sunny and share" which is basically a BLT on crack. I got the "serve and volley" which is a turkey sandwich with "bomb" sauce and let me tell you... it is bomb! I wanted to take it home and eat it with all my meals! The kiddos noshed on grilled cheese and the service could not have been better. All smiles and complements to our sweet family from their servers and the owner (boy did we fool them!). ;)

To finish off our day trip we hit up a local coffee shop called Koffi (naturally!). The baristas were super friendly and we felt so welcomed all day everywhere we went! Their flat white hit the spot and gave us that extra boost of caffeine for the car ride home . My favorite part about the shop was the beautiful courtyard in the back. Complete with rustic wooden benches, loads of bougainvillea, and papel picado it was truly an oasis in the middle of the desert! Letting the kids run off their last bits of energy while we sat and sipped our coffee was what dreams are made of. ;)

We finished up our day with a stroll down Palm Canyon, the main street in Palm Springs. It was fun to see the festive decor and enjoy the comfortable weather. Such a great day trip for our little family!

Halloween 2018

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Halloween was seriously the best this year. The twins are at such a fun age and really "get it." They insisted running up to each door on their own and proudly holding out their bag. Every time they came back down the driveways of our neighbors they would say, "More candy!" It was pretty much the cutest thing ever.

This year we were everything Disney related. M was a Disney photographer, I was an annual passholder, Blair was Ariel, and the twins were Mickey and Minnie. We had fun putting each costume together and I never want family costumes to end!

It's official. She's the cutest thing ever.
Hope you all had a safe and fun Halloween! 

The Biggest Surprise: Baby #4!

Friday, October 26, 2018

I have started this post in my head a thousand times over the last few weeks. I just can't seem to get it right because HOW do you describe such a miracle as THIS?! I can't. I can't do it. Nothing I write could come close to the emotions that I have felt lately.
It's not twins...that other thing is the yolk sac! 

Let me just start off by saying I NEVER in a thousand years would have thought that having another baby would be possible. Medically it doesn't make sense. Some of you may know that I got pregnant easily with Blair, struggled with secondary infertility for two years, and then had the twins via IVF. This time around it happened quickly again. WHAT is this madness?!

Popped out right away (thanks to the twins wrecking my ab muscles!)

Truly the only explanation I have for it is God. I haven't changed anything in my lifestyle to warrant this. People have told me, "Well you weren't stressed this time so it happened." But I wasn't stressed when we started trying for baby #2 either because I didn't know it would be a struggle. My infertility sandwich just doesn't make sense.

Two Months

But I'll tell you what. Nothing has ever made me feel more chosen to see infertility. God has made it clear to me that he chose that trial for me. And wow it makes me feel allllll the things. I am humbled. I feel full of purpose. And I see a glimpse of what He's doing here. I've made it pretty obvious that that time in my life was hard on me. But the growth and maturity that came from it was staggering. I now get to encourage other women through the mess of infertility and I pray that this fourth baby doesn't make them bitter but instead that it provides hope. Hope that anything is possible. Even a natural pregnancy after infertility.
And we 100% looked like a shotgun wedding lol. Thankful for bouquets!

I've been dreading sharing this news a bit to be honest. The last thing I want to do is cause more pain for others. And while I'm excited I do know personally the pain that comes with pregnancy announcements. They sting. It's a weird balance of being happy for them and sad for yourself. I don't take this lightly and I hope that comes across as such.

Oh, hi baby bump!

I'm sure there's a few questions to how we arrived here. Matt and I decided to try for a year and if it happened, it happened. And if it didn't then it didn't. No more fertility treatments. We were content as a family of five but wanted to leave room for more if the Lord saw that fit. A couple months later I was shocked to see those little pink lines. I'm still shocked out of my pants. Oh, and a fun fact... my medical chart clearly says Elderly Pregnancy. Seriously?! I'm 34 by the way. And the baby is set to come 23 days after I turn 35. But I've never carried a baby past 37 weeks so I'm going to ask them to remove that from my chart if it comes before my birthday! ;)

There's more to say I'm sure. I just can't think of it right now. I'll be keeping you guys posted and hoping that you will be praying for a healthy baby. Oh and I'm 95% sure we aren't finding out the gender! Who am I?! Time will tell how patient I can be. ;)