Maternity Must Haves

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

I am officially a whale. A very happy whale, but none the less a whale. And while I do LOVE being pregnant there are definitely times of discomfort. I've gathered some of my pregnancy must haves up and am sharing them with you below. I hope they help some other mamas out there too!

Oh, and I went to my second waxing appointment and you were all right! SO much better. So, yeah, add waxing to the list of maternity must haves. ;)

Birthday Shenanigans

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Over the weekend I celebrated my 29ish birthday. ;) We went to the beach for the night and had a tasty dinner at one of my favorite restaurants (thanks Mom and Dad!) followed by 31 flavors. Can't beat that! The weather was great and we had a great time at the pool. Watching Blair swim with Matt in the pool is my kind of vacation. Har har.

The day before my birthday started off with Starbucks and cinnamon rolls waiting on my nightstand!
Such a swimmer! Except when she panicked because she jumped in without her goggles...

Papa and his grandkids!

Woah Nelly look at that belly!

Part of the reason for the belly right there in that pink cup!

Helping me pick out some shoes for my shower. These did not make the cut unfortunately. ;)

Finished off the weekend with some love from my friends at a a fun group dinner!
I sure felt blessed after this weekend spent with such wonderful family and friends. So far 32 has been great and I can't wait to hold my belated birthday gifts sometime this summer! Preferably not before 32 weeks... ;)

PinkBlush Maternity Dress

Monday, May 2, 2016

Finding stylish maternity clothing can be quite a chore so I was thrilled when PinkBlush reached out to me! PinkBlush is a maternity boutique that also has clothes for post-pregnancy and baby. While browsing their website I came across a ton of cute maternity clothes. It was hard for me to narrow a choice down but I ended up choosing this maternity maxi dress. 

I'm sure I'll be living in this maternity dress all summer and it was the perfect maxi to wear to my birthday celebration this weekend. The halter neck line is easily adjustable and the seam below the bust gives me some shape instead of looking like I'm wearing a sack. I love the peach, white, and black color combo too...perfect for spring!

Now for the fun part! PinkBlush is giving away a $75 credit to their store! Enter below for a chance to win some darling clothes. Winners may not have previously won a gift card in the last 3 months. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thanks again to PinkBlush for my adorable new maxi maternity dress. You'll be seeing me in it all spring and summer long. ;)

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Thursday, April 28, 2016

With Mother's Day right around the corner I thought I would pull together a few ideas. This is pretty much a list of things I would like since I have such a hard time thinking of gift ideas for my Mom and Mother-in-Law! Father's Day is even more difficult but we've got time for that. ;)


Chic Swan Baby Shower

Monday, April 25, 2016

Yesterday I went to the baby shower of all baby showers. It was swan themed with lots of peach, pink, gold, and black and white accents. My pictures don't do it justice but here is some party inspiration for you. It was so stunning!

Funny story... so the champagne glasses that were filled with cotton candy are meant to have champagne (or martinellis) poured into them. It's a sugary dessert drink that is very frou frou. I was just about to start eating the cotton candy out of mine when someone explained to me that you pour your beverage into it. Um, oops. Apparently I am way way behind on this chic trend because I was ready to chow down. Just a little FYI if anyone else attends a shower or party where the champagne flutes are filled with cotton candy! Don't eat it! ;)

Pregnancy Joys at 20 weeks

Thursday, April 21, 2016

 Now that I'm 20 weeks pregnant (likely over half way!) I've had all sorts of new experiences with these twins. And before I jump in let me preface it by saying they are ALL worth it! Varicose veins, translucent skin, getting waxed have all been part of this pregnancy and I'll happily take each one! Because really any pregnancy problem is a good problem to have in my book.

A week ago before we found out our two boys were really a GIRL and a boy (!!!) I was at the doctor because they feared I had a DVT (deep vein thrombosis), basically a blood clot behind my left knee. After getting checked out they decided I had sprouted some pretty awesome varicose veins. Bust. I didn't have these with Blair but then again this time I am carrying twice the baby.

Doctor said it could go away after the twins come and if not then I can get a good old laser treatment to remove them. Just add that to my "mommy make-over" list. ;) In the meantime walking is good and neither standing or sitting for too long helps with discomfort.

And I can't be the only pregnant mama out there who gets fed up with trying to maintain some level of decency down there. I've basically been shaving by braille until last month when I got brave and headed down to the waxing salon. I decided this was a better option than handing over the razor to M.

But holy OUCH! After getting waxed I think M may just be a better option. That freaking HURT! After going through two years of infertility treatments nothing really embarrasses me about people being in my business but the pain was crazy! I was literally sweating on that table and when I got up there was proof of it under my tush. That, I will admit, was kind of embarrassing.

The crazy thing is that I signed up for 6 more sessions! Don't ask me what I was thinking other than the fact that I will be hugely prego this whole summer and I own a pool for crying out loud. Somebody's gotta take care of that for me! I head in again next week and I'm absolutely dreading it. My only hope is that the esthetician said it gets better. If she's lying we will have a problem...

Oh, and last but definitely not least is some good news! Blair got to feel the babies move yesterday. :) She wasn't blown away but kept telling me that "if the babies wiggle, call me!" I just love their bond already!

Silikids Review

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

I can't say that I'm completely "crunchy" or "granola" (sometimes preservatives taste so good haha) but I do like a lot about the crunchy lifestyle. Usually M gives me giant eye rolls when I remind him not to microwave anything that is plastic (whether it says it is safe or not). Sorry, babe, but I love you and our kids and I don't need any unnecessary early cancer in our lives.

Enter Silikids products! Silikids offers silicone and glass dishware for kiddos. I know, it seems like glass and toddlers/babies don't mix but they can! Their glass cups are covered in heavy duty siliskin (silicone) for protection and shock absorption. These cups are perfect for Blair who like to be a big girl. Plus, I'm all about leaving behind the sippy cups at her age (less taking apart and hand washing for me!). She totally digs the bright orange color as well which will also work for our boy/girl twins.

 The other product Silikids sent me are their universal silicone spill proof lid. These things are the JAM. They fit any cup and therefore can change any glass/cup into a toddler cup with a lid and straw. These "sippy" cups are awesome because they only have two parts: the straw and top. So much easier than all the cups with valves that need to be taken apart. These would be great gifts for toddlers. Moms and dads would thank you!

Whether you have a toddler or preschooler Silikids products are a perfect fit. Check out their other products here or shop on Amazon!

Thank you Silikids for sending us your awesome products!