Flower Girl for Hire

Monday, June 26, 2017

Over the weekend my cousin got married and we're so happy for him! His bride couldn't be sweeter and we loved celebrating with them. It was our first wedding with the twins and while they were relatively good I'd be lying if I didn't say it was work. We spent the majority of the cocktail hour on the floor with them feeding them squeezies and cut up dinosaur nuggets. They maxed out by 8 pm but luckily we did get to eat dinner.

Blair made her debut as a flower girl for the fourth time and it never gets old watching her walk down the aisle. My family was with her before the wedding since M and I had the twins and they asked if I wanted to see her before she walked down the aisle. I said, "Sure" and walked over to peek at her. I about died laughing when I saw her because they had her dress on backwards! In all fairness the tag was in the front but it was still pretty hilarious. So glad I peeked at her before they sent her down the aisle!

M and I both agree that we are going to be giant puddles on her wedding day. She's typically the "easy" one of our three but had a massive melt down when the bride and groom had their first dance and she wasn't allowed to be out there with them. Sigh. It's hard work being a flower girl!

On Friday M took Blair to the rehearsal and they were so cute I had to document it...

Blair loves (s)mothering her cousin. Their relationship is so sweet!

We had to wrestle Dirty Baby out of every photo...she sneaked into this one.

A decent photo of the five of us! DB is hiding behind Blair's back.

This is what most of our photos look like...

We're quite a brood!

Before we realized her dress was on backwards! Insert crying laughing face here. 

Don't worry... we turned it around! 

Every morning we jogged down to our favorite coffee shop by the pier. The yummiest chai tea lattes! 

This is what she asks to do every. single. picture. 

4th of July Looks for Kids

Thursday, June 22, 2017

The 4th of July is coming up quick! We're looking forward to some cooler weather at the beach where we can eat our bomb pops before they melt! Every year we put on our festive attire and walk in the community parade while sipping our coffee and snackin' on donuts. Not much else makes me happier!

I rounded up some of my favorite holiday looks below if you like to get festive...

white set // suit // gingham dress
romper // suit // pants

popsicle dress // top // suit // shorts // gingham dress // striped dress
Also THIS DRESS! I stumbled across it after I made the collage above. SO cute!
*Items without a link are from Zara. Their website was down when I went back to link to each item.


Monday, June 19, 2017

Happy Father's Day to our Dad of the year! He dads harder than anyone and not just because he has twins! He always puts our needs before his own and makes our days better.

Yesterday we made him cinnamon rolls and got him his favorite coffee from Starbucks. I promptly spilled 2/3 of it right after I gave it to him (oops!). Blair made sure we sang him "Happy Father's Day" and decorated his roll with a blue candle.

Thank you M for providing for us, leading us spiritually, and making life with three kids fun. We love you!

Everly and Cal: 10 Months

Friday, June 16, 2017

This sure was the joke of all jokes trying to get these two to take a decent 10 month picture (see below). The pictures do describe them well though! They are on the move big time and it's only a matter of days before we need to put up the baby gates on the stairs again...

All of the sudden you have 2 teeth! You have been teething like mad and it breaks my Mama heart. You are tolerating standing now (you initially refused to do it) but aren't pulling to stand yet. You are my feisty one and always trying to grab and eat the dirt out of our potted plants. Or pull the wine bottles off the bar cart. Your favorite thing to do is crawl around the house and chase your big sister. You still wear some size 0-3 month clothes (what?!) and are my tiny nugget. You love the bath and hanging out in the pool. You are saying "that" and sometimes "Dada." You don't cry anymore when we drop you off in the nursery at church! We found out you are terrified of balloons. You love to examine everything with your index finger.

Still no teeth for you but I'm sure they will pop up any week now. You are pulling up to stand on everything and it's so stinking cute...until you fall and hit your head on the tile. :( When you are sad you lay down with your head on the floor and your bum in the air and cry. It's incredibly pathetic and incredibly cute. You are saying "Mama" now and it is music to my ears. You sign for "more" when you eat. The way you slowly clasp your hands together for the sign is just adorable. You are a bottomless pit and want to eat everyone's food. You steal toys from your sister and then when she cries about it you start crying. You love facing outward when I hold you so you can see the world around you. You love crawling around the house and watching your biggest big sister. No more tears in the nursery for you either!

We love you two SO much!

Nifty Package Co.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Sometimes when it comes to gift giving I draw a complete blank. Of course when I'm shopping for others I have no problem finding things that I would like but that doesn't help...unless the gift is for one of my best friends since we generally have the same taste.

Father's Day is coming and OY I always have a hard time shopping for my Dad and Father-in-Law. It's kind of like they have everything and don't need/want anything.

I was recently introduced to the company called Nifty Package Co. and they sent me a thoughtful, beautiful gift that I loved! Inside I found all sorts of things moms like me need. Tea to get my day started along with a pineapple diffuser (so cute!), a snack bar with only whole ingredients (less guilt!), chocolate covered pretzels for the end of the day, and the girliest dish for my rings etc. They took the time to hand-curate my gift and included items that were unique and high quality. I especially love the little mod dish that  I could toss my jewelry on.

I love being introduced to new small business brands that are passionate about their products. Nifty Package Co. definitely has that extra special touch I am looking for in a gift. They even add lavender from their garden to the box!

If you are still struggling to find a Father's Day gift check out Nifty Package Co.! They also have great gifts for new moms, health nuts, wine, and beer lovers! Use code NATYOURAVERAGE for 10% off $50 or more.

Gifts for Dad

Monday, June 12, 2017

Father's Day is right around the corner so I had M come up with some of his favorite gifts. If you're looking for gift ideas for Matt in particular you'll have to shop elsewhere because he has 5 out of 6 of these items. ;) 

watch // t shirt // dad shirt // camera // backpack // gift card

Evie and Cal: 9 Months

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Now that Evie and Cal are sitting up stably I wanted to take some pictures of them in the cradle that I photographed Blair in. It was the same cradle that my parents slept me in so it's pretty special. :)

I also wanted to capture Evie and Cal individually because every photo I have of them they are together!

Here are a few of my faves...

Evie's winding up (poor Cal is just enjoying the breeze in his hair)...

Here she makes contact and Cal is clearly concerned 
Annnnnnd he's done. Notice Evie's naughty grin. 
My Fave.
And just for fun...

Mind you she's only six months here...

All photos by Carrie Johnson.