Arcade Coffee Roasters

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

I mentioned yesterday that we visited our friend's coffee shop, Arcade Roasters, last weekend for some lattes, pour overs, and cold brews (and donuts!). It was super fun hanging with our friends while the kids hyped up on pumpkin donuts (I ate most of Blair's after I ate my own). Check his coffee out over HERE. If you're hipster you're gonna love it. ;)

Have you had your coffee yet today? I bet I know the answer to that question. ;)

Weekend Happenings

Monday, October 5, 2015

We had a weekend of fun and rain and both of those things make me happy! First we went to Disneyland without our munchkins (minus the newborn) to celebrate a friend's birthday. After we left the park we went to the Anaheim Packing House and had some BOMB cajun food. I can't wait to go back and try some of the other restaurants they have there too!

Poor M had to come straight from work. One of the cast members said he looked really nice today. Hahahahahah
On Saturday morning we had coffee at our friend's roastery along with some Sidecar donuts. My day could have been complete after that but that evening we went to the pumpkin patch with my family. Blair had a crazy tantrum at dinner so we had to forgo the pony ride this time. Sigh. We're headed back there again today to go with some friends from church so we will see if she gets to ride one this time... Isn't discipline fun?!

My cutie nephew who's family is expecting TWINS in spring!

Of course she picked out a pumpkin for Dirty Baby.

Blair's shirt: Carter's, pants: vintage Carter's, boots: Old Navy. My dress: Target, boots: vintage Sam Edelman, necklace: Kendra Scott

The goats were actually super naughty this year and did a lot of jumping to get after the food. B didn't like that one bit and spent most of the time koala-bearing any adult that would let her. Poor thing.
Sunday was a lazy day indoors because we had some RAIN! We played with lots of duplos, watched some Angelina Ballerina on Netflix and cooked some dinner in the crock pot. I would say that fall is finally here but it's supposed to be 99 here again by the end of the week. So, Booooooo. 

Blair wore her Peruvian sweater from Gramma. How cute is it?!
How was your weekend? Seems like everyone on Instagram hit up the Pumpkin Patch too! Did you?

(in)Fertility Friday

Friday, October 2, 2015

M and I had our blood drawn last week to prove we don't have infectious diseases so we could do IUI today. Turns out Kaiser couldn't process our results fast enough so we had to forgo IUI this month. I'm actually not broken up about it. Less money to spend and we will get the results in time for our IVF consultation at the end of October. I did have an ultrasound done yesterday to see if my eggs (2!) were mature and they were nice and fat. I had one on the left and one on the right...go me! So the nurse gave me my HCG shot in the tush and they expect me to release the eggs in the next 24-36 hours.

Before I left my appointment one of the head honcho doctors called me into his office. I think he called me in because he saw that I requested that my medical records be sent to another fertility clinic. He's not stupid...he knows we're shopping around for the best price and the highest success rates. He said he wanted to review my file and when he did he said there's no reason for me to be in there. He can't believe I'm only 31 and am struggling to get prego. He said there's no reason for this...that I'm young, healthy, and have already had one child. Preach, doctor, preach! All of this to say that he swears with just one IVF cycle I'll be pregnant. If I had money for every time a doctor told me I would be pregnant soon...

He wants our business. I know that. So, he offered us some free testing for M (one last check) and said if we aren't prego after this month he wants to review our case one more time. AKA he doesn't want us to go somewhere else. M and I feel like the ball is in our court now. We're planing on going in there with guns blazing and telling him that we found a cheaper place with a higher success rate. It's amazing how bold you get when you want a kid. ;) Time to put on my bartering hat!

I've had a lot of pregnancy announcements this week, all from good friends and one extra special announcement that my sis-in-law is having TWINS!!! And I have to say I'm truly happy for each one. This is surely grace from the Lord. I think I'm so hopeful about IVF that I'm choosing to be positive and not compare my life to others around me. My time will come. I'm confident God hasn't forgotten about me. I know He has a good and perfect plan for me. And I know when our time does come I'm going to be a puddle on the floor, weeping over how good He is. I just can't wait for that!

This week Romans 1:21 really spoke to me, "For although they knew God, they neither glorified him as God nor gave thanks to him, but their thinking became futile and their foolish hearts were darkened." This was a good reminder to me to thank God even in the hard times. I don't want my heart to grow hard/bitter/resentful and one way to avoid that is to be grateful every day for what I've already been blessed with.

I realize it's OK to have the occasional pity party but I don't want to live my life in a constant state of depression. It takes work, but with God's help I know I can fight against this and that the Holy Spirit will bring me peace. 

And with that we are headed to Disneyland tonight to celebrate a friend's birthday...yippee! We're hanging with my family a bit this weekend and headed to a pumpkin patch. All things to be happy about. I hope you all have a great weekend!

Halloween Treat Bag

Thursday, October 1, 2015

It's no secret we love a good holiday over here and since today is October 1st we busted out some festiveness. :) The other day I was at Target and stumbled upon the cutest Halloween washi tape...I had to have it! Of course when I brought it home M rolled his eyes over my can-only-use-once-a-year tape. Hey, six bucks ain't gonna break the bake, Scrooge. ;) Here's what we created...

We decided to make a complete treat package and add some cookies to the mix. I just use the Betty Crocker sugar cookie bag mix and make my own royal frosting. You can get the recipe and directions for that HERE. The card is super easy...I just added washi tape to a blank card that I bought as a box set at Michaels. I use them for every occasion and really save some money from spending $5 for each present I give. And *bonus* Blair and a couple of her friends were over while I was doing this and they LOVED the tape (and they were boys!). These would be great stocking stuffers...always planning ahead. ;) Happy Thursday!

Riley's Fall Farm Adventure

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Over the weekend we rang in fall at Riley's Farm. It's a local apple farm that puts on a huge spread for dinner and then performs the Legend of Sleepy Hollow. The play is pretty cheesy but the food, contests, dancing, and hay ride make up for it. Clearly based on what we are wearing in the pictures the fall weather hasn't arrived yet...

They have a seed spitting competition along with apple eating, pumpkin carving, and pie eating contests. There was about 10 of us in our group and we almost swept the competition entirely. We were basically robbed from the pumpkin carving contest. : /

Her snail even had a trail of pumpkin seeds!
Have you done anything festive for fall yet? I still want to take Blair to the apple picking orchards and the huge pumpkin patch that's close by. Maybe make some fall cookies and donuts too?! So much fun so little time...

Geometric Dinosaur Baby Shower

Sunday, September 27, 2015

I said I wasn't going to host/throw/decorate for any more events until Blair's birthday in March. I lied. My good friend had her third babe (and first BOY!) so we couldn't skip out on that. We had to celebrate! I worked with some friends to throw her a sprinkle since she didn't know the sex till he was born. We decided on a dinosaur theme and added geometric elements to make it extra modern which was super fun to execute since we are usually dreaming up girl parties. :)

The most delicious banana cream pudding!

Hand painted dinosaurs using stencils.

Hexagon plates HERE.

Geometric dome from World Market.

Beautiful Mama and sweet boy!
Oh, and hey all you local babes I'm actually selling this whole party as a package if you are interested! This includes the hexagon backdrop, wooden dinos, plastic metallic dinos, stenciled dinos, and dessert jars with dinos on top. The price is $60...that's a whole lotta DIY goodness that you don't have to recreate! This "party in a box" would be perfect for a baby shower OR birthday party. The opportunities are endless. ;) Email me if you are interested. Unfortunately, these items would be too hard to ship.

I hope you all had a great weekend and manage to get through Monday without a hitch. :)

(In)Fertility Friday

Friday, September 25, 2015

A lot has happened this past week...let's catch up!

I had an ultrasound on Monday...good news! No cysts! I am now currently taking Letrozole and have my second ultrasound scheduled for next Thursday. At that time I will see whether I give myself the HCG shot to release my egg that day or the following day. We decided to try insemination (IUI) this month. May as well pull out all the stops before we attempt IVF. Plus, we haven't tried IUI since I have been on my new medication (metformin and progesterone). We'll see!

My spirits are good this week because we found out that Matt's new job has medical insurance that partially covers infertility. Say what?!? We are still figuring out the extent of the coverage but hallelujah anything is better than nothing! I also discovered that the clinic we want to go to, (that has a 70% success rate for live births for women under 35) is in network! This is awesome news for us. Oh, and the fact that they are $3,000 less than our current clinic is also a win!

Unfortunately, the clinic plans on raising their IVF prices in January (when we wanted to try IVF). Because of this we have made a choice to try IVF sooner rather than later. We can't meet with the new doctor till October 29th and since I have no idea at what point in my cycle they start shooting me up with hormones, retrieving eggs, fertilizing eggs, implanting embryos etc. we likely will be starting the IVF process in November. I hear it's about a 7 week process. Regardless of when we start, I'm definitely excited/nervous. Things have been working out for us lately and I'm thankful for the Lord's blessings.

I'm in the awkward place of wanting to be hopeful, yet wanting to protect my heart from disappointment. You can pray that I keep my hope in Him and that way I will not be disappointed. You can also pray for the logistics of the IUI and that I ovulate sooner rather than later so we don't have to drive to LA on Saturday. Insert teeth clenching face here.

A friend emailed me a journal entry that really spoke to me. Here is what she said, "Waiting on Baby J wasn't about me and giving me my baby at the right time in my life.  It was about His perfect timing for Baby J and the plans he has for J's life, the accomplishments he will have, and the people's lives he is meant to affect and be a part of."

We so often think of God's timing for US and OUR lives.  Having J was always something I thought about in terms of timing for my life and how God would bring him at the right time in my life.  But He wanted me to know it had had nothing to do with me the whole time, but with J and J's life and the plans God has for him.  It unfortunately meant waiting 2.5 years, but was necessary for everything God has set up for J and his life.

Keep believing and thanking God that He has a plan for your children and their lives and the people they will come across and that He is at work setting all of that up now. And unfortunately, that may mean having to wait until other things are in line and other people's lives, that you don't even know right now or have any idea about, are all set up perfectly, too, and ready for your little one to eventually be a part of."

When I think about my life, and the fact that it took my parents several years to have me, I realize that I likely would have never met my husband had they gotten pregnant right away. I would have been several years older than him and our paths wouldn't have crossed so easily. I see how the timing of my own birth meant that I met some amazing friends in high school, college, and while getting my masters. The Lord knew the perfect time for me to be born and I trust that He knows the perfect timing for this next baby too. Even though the waiting is hard I know it is purposeful.

This weekend I'm helping throw a baby shower for a friend. I'm sure this surprises you all. ;) It's a little different though because she waited till he was born to find out he was a boy. Other than that I plan on doing a little fall baking with my sidekick. Enjoy your weekend!