Friday, April 18, 2014

Ta-Da! Kitchen Cabinet Completion

Drum roll please... the kitchen cabinets are ALL done! Hip hip hooray! I couldn't be happier with how they turned out. Our kitchen looks a million times better and more updated and is no longer all brown. Pretty sure we are all done painting for a while (cabinets anyway). I love a good before and after so check it out below...

First up is the island:

someone photo bombed while eating her lunch and watching the frozen soundtrack ;)

photo bomber #2 eagerly awaiting Blair's dropped food

The transformation is insane to me and so worth the nights we were up till midnight painting. Hey do it while you can, right? Because there is no way we could ever tackle this with me either prego or with a newborn. Like I've said previously we literally followed the directions on the Rustoleum box to get our cabinets from oak to white. M was meticulous about following the directions and I just did what I was told. :)

Happy Good Friday and Easter weekend! We will be enjoying the gift of grace from God, good food, egg hunts, and more!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Blair's Big Girl Bed (and then some)

     This last weekend we moved Blair into her big girl bed. M and I were ready for WWIII but she did so good! It was getting to the point where she looked like a giant in her crib and she was started to lean over the edge too much for our comfort. So we converted her crib into a full sized bed and she hasn't looked back. I may have even taken a nap with her this week. I haven't done that since she was an infant and it was the sweetest time we had together. Neither of us was feeling great but the nap did wonders.

She did cry for a few seconds the first and second night but since then it has been smooth sailing and we're thrilled! Here is the before and after...

We also bought these bumpers for her bed and LOVE them! They are deflatable which will be awesome for taking them on vacation with us. So easy! 

On to things that have not been so easy lately: operation have another baby. Found out this week that we're not pregnant again. The feelings I get every month that this happens are so mixed. I'm clearly disappointed, then I start to worry that something is wrong, then I tailspin into thinking we will never be able to have kids again. Then I usually get a hold of myself and am reminded that God still has a plan. His ways are still higher than mine. He loves me and cares for me and knows what is best for me. I keep telling myself "many are the plans of a mans heart but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails." And all of this comforts me.

But I'm human. And this sucks. And while I haven't waited a fraction of the time that some people wait, it's still hard for me.

So Friday I go to the doctor because my cycles have been wonky (of course NOW when I want to get prego this happens) and I want some answers. Things haven't been normal and I'm hoping to get possible problems either ruled out or solved. Prayers are much appreciated.

In the meantime Blair is a great distraction and such a joy to be around (except for Tuesday when she had a 30 minute tantrum). She's been singing the lyrics to "Frozen" and her little voice just gets me. "Let it go....let it go!" Adorable. And the girl knows what's up when it comes to Jesus which is super sweet to see. "Jesus, up high! Jesus come down!"

So is life perfect? No. Not even close. But I know that God is good and he's got this.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Diamond Shape Style Challenge {cushion cut}

My friends over at Brilliant Earth have given me the opportunity to share my favorite engagement ring style from a fashion perspective. I love what their company stands for: conflict free diamonds from Canada made with recycled gold. Good for your conscious...and the environment! After browsing all of their options I choose them gem below...

rose gold felicity diamond {cushion cut}
Are you as in love with rose gold as I am lately? I have several rose gold pieces in my jewelry box. I love the cushion style cut because I think it creates the most sparkle...and who doesn't love that?! If it were my ten year anniversary I'd be dragging my hubby down to their store to put this bad boy on my finger! But alas...we're only at 7 years. Three more years to save up honey! ;)

I thought it would be fun to create a style board featuring this ring below. If I could was forced to get married again here is the theme I would go with:

I love the softness of peach and the timeless neutrality of gray. Throw in a little blush and you've got yourself one stunning look! If they made rose gold shoes and silverware I'd be all over it but not everyone has caught onto the trend yet. It's ok, I forgive you. ;) I'm obsessed with lace, open back dresses that have a vintage feel. They are so feminine and graceful. Naked cakes are in right now and I like how "homemade" they feel versus "overdone."

{bridesmaid gown}

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Resurrection Eggs

Lately I've been scouring the Pinterest boards for some "Jesus inspired" crafts for B and I to do during this week and on Easter. I'm down with the Easter bunny but I also want to teach her the true meaning behind Easter and that there's more to it than Peeps (although I love 'em), Starburst Jelly Beans (yummm), and trampling over your sibling to get that golden egg. ;)

I found many versions of "Resurrection Eggs" with some more elaborate than others. This year I decided to go simple and use the clip art version. Next year I may get more crafty and put objects in each egg to represent each part of the Easter story. This one here is fool proof and I copied it word for word. It even breaks down the story for you...winning!

I plan on helping Blair with her Easter egg hunt and then sitting down and talking about each picture. She already busted into the eggs (that I carelessly left unattended) so she might have a heads up on what I'm going to tell her. ;)

This was quite possibly the easiest DIY ever. I bought the eggs at Target for 89 cents (per bag of 12) and then sharpied the numbers on top. I printed and cut out the little pictures and Bible story and voila! The Easter bunny and Jesus collide! ;)

PS Katie from yesterday's post is giving away $25 to etsy! Run over there and enter!

Monday, April 14, 2014

DIY Easter Tree

Happy Monday, babes! We had a SUPER productive weekend around home which is the best kind of weekend in my opinion. :) Unfortunately B and I both got sick (her with double pink eye and an ear infection, me with a scratchy throat) but we are on the mend! I wanted to introduce someone new to you below and I hope you enjoy her festive-ness as much as I did. I'll catch up with you tomorrow!

Hi there!

My name is Katie and I am the girl behind SugarKane&Co over at, I am 23 years young, live in the bay area of California and am married to my super awesome husband Mike. Together we have two Boston Terriers named Sugar and Kane. My husband just recently seperated from the Air Force and after living in Cheyenne, Wyoming and Las Vegas, Nevada for a few years, we are definitely happy to be home. We love where we live and go on as many adventures as possible! I love holidays, parties, decorating and just adding fun little touches on life that make things extra special. I am a very visual person and being able to document my little family as well as all of my other loves is just so exciting and I hope you think so too!

I am a huge fan of Nat Your Average Girl and am so thankful for her featuring me! This is one of my most recent posts. Check out my Easter tree!

I thought it would be a fun but simple way to bring some easter flare to my desk! The moss and branches are from Michaels and the felt easter egg ornaments are from Target. It was super easy and fun!

Thank you so much for reading a little about us and I hope to see you soon over at SugarKane&Co!

Much Love and slobbery kisses,

Katie, Sugar & Kane

Friday, April 11, 2014

The $20 garden

    Yesterday M and B had a little father-daughter time while planting our garden. B was quite the little helper and who doesn't love fresh produce!? Here is how to plant a garden for $20 (5 plants for $10 and $10 for soil at Home Depot right now!).

Here are the steps to getting your garden started:

before...last year's garden still hangin in there...kind of

the loot

step 1. pull out existing plants

step 2. pour in soil

step 3. spread it around

step 4. arrange the plants in pots
step 5. plant the plants

step 6. take a rest break with Daddy and princess Aurora
step 7. adjust the drip
step 8. set up the cages
step 9 water them
step 10. surprise Mommy..."me do it!"

Thursday, April 10, 2014

What to Wear {denim vest}

     Spring Summer is here in southern California. It's been in the 90s this week which honestly makes me sad. I know a lot of you have been all couped up but we never really had a winter (or spring). But along with the warm weather comes different outfit options at least! I pulled out my denim vest and paired it up a few different ways below. I think it's a cute accessory to lots of outfits in warmer weather but I even found a use for it in the winter too!

easy outfit for running errands

summer concert

dinner with the hubs

beach day

winter attire...i think i just created this year's Christmas card outfit ;)

I hope this inspired some new ways for you to wear your denim vest... or to go get one here for summer. The Nordstrom Rack just opened about 10 minutes down the street from me. I'm. In. Heaven. My wallet/budget will not be. :/ 

If you want your little to match you go here and get a matching vest!

PS with all the warm weather we are having lately Blair has been doing a lot of "painting" outside with water. I just fill some small plastic bowls with water and give her a paint brush and let her go to town. She loves it! And I love the extra time it gives me to do chores. Winning! 
our yard has turned into a toddler toy explosion

And a happy birthday to my mom-in-law, Linda! Hope it's a good one!

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