Blair's Trip to the Dentist

Thursday, April 9, 2015

As always thanks for your input yesterday. You guys are so sweet and make my day. :)

Blair braved her first dentist appointment yesterday. I think it went well for two reasons: a) her Gramma is her dental hygienist b) there's a Peppasode in which Peppa goes to the dentist. Either way I'm glad she was so brave! It went 100% better than I had anticipated that's for sure!

The ladies who work in the office were SO sweet to her and picked out all the orange and purple (her favorite colors) toothbrushes/floss etc. She passed with no cavities and of course Baby had a check up too. :)

Smiling before her teeth get cleaned because she doesn't know the dentist is HORRIBLE. Sorry, Linda.

Learning about the tools from Gramma. Oh and no it wasn't raining...

Rocking her cute shades while her pearly whites get polished up.

Ironically the last 4 pictures I asked her to "show me her clean teeth" and we finally got one of her actual teeth at the end. Who smiles close lipped after the dentist?! Silly girl.

I could not get over how BIG she looked in that chair. Ugh my babe is growing up at warp speed!!! I'm going to need that to stop. :/


  1. We've seen and love that "peppasode"! While Noah's Nonna is not a hygienist, she works at the dentist we go to. I'm hoping that helps when he goes this fall! Glad to hear it went well for Blair!

  2. Love that you let her wear her rainboots!! Pick your battles!

  3. We are doing the dentist in a few weeks, hopefully it goes as smooth!

  4. I need to book a trip for K too. Nervous about it. Glad Blair did so well!

  5. Ellie loved her first dentist visit too!! So glad that Blair had a good first experience!!!

  6. It seems like Blair enjoyed going to the dentist! She might have been scared at first, but from the photos that you showed after the check-up, it looks like she’s happy. It’s also good to see that she’s taking very good care of her teeth. Thanks for sharing Blair’s experience in the dentist!

    Karen Perry @ BrookSide Dental Care

  7. How awesome that going to the dentist was able to be both a positive experience and family affair for your daughter. Regular dental checkups are very important and help prevent issues like heart disease and diabetes later in life, so we're always happy to see kids learning about dental care early on.

    Eunice Greer @ Downtown Dental SC

  8. I'm no fashion expert, but I personally love the boots, raining or not. I'm always happy to see children getting to the dentist early so they can be fearless in the dental chair and avoid health problems later in life. Kids who learn to trust the dentist early are much more likely to make regular appointments as adults. Kudos!

    Felipe Roberson @ Philly Dentist


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