Riding the Mermaid Wave

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Lately with all the summer clothes out I've been having a thing for mermaids (and pineapple, and flamingos). I rounded up some of my favorite mer finds below!

Top row: Old Navy, skirt: Jcrew, towel & backpack: pottery barn kids, stuffed mermaids: blabla dolls, basball tee for mom: moodcatz
     Blair has the mermaid shirt and jammies on the top row and I've been eyeing a few mermaid hooded towels for the beach. She already has a hooded towel so I'm not sure she needs it but man they are cute! Oh, and mermaid backpack please go on sale very soon so Blair can wear you to school in the fall! And what do you think? Am I too old for that mermaid baseball tee? (Please say no). ;)


  1. We have the pjs from last summer, of course K is wearing As now so I think A needs a new pair.

  2. I love these! I also wish that back pack would go on sale...and the glitter ballerina one!! Having a girl is a little problem in the shopping department lol. Go ahead and get the baseball tee!!

  3. Thanks for sharing these! I am hosting a Under the Sea (Mermaid & Pirate party) in June. I ordered the baseball tee for my teenage daughter (she will be one of my assistants). I say your never too old..ha!


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