Mother's Day 2015

Monday, May 11, 2015

If I'm being honest some Mother's Days are just another day in the life. Blair came down with a cold Saturday and coughed all. night. long.  Which of course means that I don't sleep. Finally in the early morning I turned off her monitor and opened our door in case she started crying. Poor thing grumped around all day on Sunday and was quite a treat to be around.

M worked hard on a project we've had on the docket for a while and I tidied up the house for my family to come over. The boys cooked us a delicious meal, my brother's girlfriend did all the dishes, and then they put Blair to bed while Matt tickled my back (my version of heaven). The day definitely ended better than it started!

Gifts for Lala (flowers by Lynnea Ruiz)

Four generations ;)

Aprons for everyone for everyone from Gramma! Let's be real, M will be wearing that much more than I will.
I hope all you mamas out there felt special and loved on. And for the mamas who have lost a child this year or those who are desperately trying to have a child I grieve with you. Prayers for those who have lost their mama or have never had one. Thankful for my Mama and the sweet girl who made me one.


  1. Happy Mother's Day, totally hear ya on the "just another day". It was also P's birthday and it's like the girls knew it. We both got meltdowns with extra tears on top for our gifts ;)

  2. Thank you for the last part. Unfortunately I got both categories my mom passed a few years ago and I've had four miscarriages and struggle with IF for 6 years. Thankfully I got to celebrate this year with Ellie, thank you adoption!!!!


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