NYE with Baby

Friday, January 4, 2013

Our first New Years Eve with baby was actually not too different than what we did before baby. My parents took our family out to dinner at a hibachi restaurant called Ooka. We had some amazing filet mignon and shrimp. B had her first bite of red meat and was sold! I didn't tell her that mommy doesn't quite cook it as well as the hibachi grillers... She will find out soon enough.

She really enjoyed the "show" that they put on with the fire, fancy chopping, and knife throwing. She didn't even cry when the cook lit the grill on fire. She was mesmerized. Mamas little pyro.

The filets are a cookin'
2012 you bore me.
Super high quality iPhone pic. (NY resolution was needed!)
And our "midnight" kiss at 10:30 pm. Ha.
After dinner the family came over to our house for dessert and games. We played a game called "things" which was super fun! One of the topics was "things Dad says." Everyone in our family came up with a different "nugget" that my Dad frequently quotes. He was laughing, we were laughing. Good times.

Today I'm headed down to visit a friend in Carlsbad. Hoping B naps well in the car. No big plans this weekend. Just hanging/re- hanging some pictures around the house. My Aunt Marla and I did a little redecorating which always makes Matt happy... ;)


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