Family Photos

Friday, May 31, 2013

Here are just a few photos from this last weekend that we took with M's family. We took a TON but this is what I have so far. Here's the kicker...they were taken with a timer and a camera on a tri pod! pretty impressive, right?!

gramm, grampa, and B

the whole fam

gramma must be pretty funny!

peek a boo!

Beach Essentials

Thursday, May 30, 2013

With all of the traveling we have been doing to the beach lately I decided to whip up a collage of all my beach necessities for baby!

1. beaba snack container
love that you can take snacks to the beach without getting the whole bag sandy. this container is especially rad because you can shake the snacks out of the spout on top. then when that canister is empty you move it to the bottom and put the spout on the next container of snacks. genius.

2. California baby sunscreen
i like that this is a "natural" sunscreen and it really gets the job done. B has yet to be sunburned and we always use this stuff.

3. babiators
i'm so bummed because i can't find the pair we purchased her last year but have no fear because i registered them at their website and they claim to send out a free pair if you lose yours...yes!

4. beach cart
don't have this yet. definitely need it though. i think the hubby is about done lugging all our crap essentials across the hot sand...

5. floppy straw hat
the perfect hat because it shades her face, shoulders, chest, and back. winning! the only bummer is that we got ours wet and it lost its shape. not to worry though. i bought some jewelry wire and plan on sliding it through the edges to give it some shape so it doesn't flop in her eyes. poor girl has like no peripheral vision in this thing currently.

6. toys- i couldn't find the ones we purchased at target online but they have been the best! we also tote a large bucket down and fill it with water. she gets the ocean personally delivered to her in it and digs it!

7. a cute suit
there are no shortage of these around! all of B's suits are already sold out at baby gap but this one is darling!

OH! And if you can find this awesome chair at Walmart it was a total hit!

Memorial Day Recap

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Just another day in paradise! We had so much fun again in San Clemente last weekend for Memorial Day. M's family totally spoiled us with delicious meals and Blair-sitting. I even got to spend a day with my BFF, Kelly. Here was our weekend in a nutshell...

my packing partner
every morning we would read/play with B in bed since she decided 6am was a decent time to wake up. how else do you squelch the sounds of a one year old ready to start her day?!
I like to start out my day with a run on my favorite trail. However in this shot I was clearly just walking in my flops. :)
my favorite trail

surprise! gramma and grampa got me a new chair!
san clemente

sunning herself with mama

love her! suit: gap

chillin' with dada

proof i'm not a perfect mom (hard to believe!) :( she hit her face on the bed frame

how she snuck her foot in the pic last minute i'm not sure!

matching hats with gramma!

da life

a visit from auntie kelly and joel! jammies: gap

B's suit: gap

we even got to see cousin Lauren! b's top: gap

alone time with the hubs....whaaaa????
Each day was pretty much the same which was great! We would get up and try to make B stay quiet till the rest of the house was up. Then we would head out for a run. Come home and go to the beach till about 1 or 2. Take B up for her nap (and if we were lucky we would stay at the beach while gramma and grampa napped with B) then relax and play before dinner. It was truly a vacation. I went to bed between 9 and 10 every night (which was necessary with a 6 am wake up call. ugh. ) We squeezed in some paddle boarding, shopping, and family photos (to be posted friday!) to boot! And we're leaving Thursday to do it all over again. yipee!

I need a vacation because my vacation wore me out ;)

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Awesome weekend away. Got home late. This is all I got. Catch up on Wednesday!

PS Blair's party was featured as a weekly favorite on Project Nursery. Be a doll face and vote for her party HERE!

Happy Memorial Day!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Thank you to all the men and women who have served our country! Enjoy the holiday with friends and family! 

Memorial Day Style

Friday, May 24, 2013

A big thank you to everyone's recommendations for Blair's beach bum rash. The rash cleared up, thank goodness, just in time for us to leave for the beach again today...

Also I got quite a few people asking where to purchase B's rad leggings from Cotton On Kids. So I scoured their website and could only find one of the pair's I purchased here. Unfortunately their store has a much better selection. :( I never knew they had a Cotton On for Kids but our mall has a store dedicated just to the little ones. Guess I'm just lucky! (PS if you have a teen daughter check out these leggings!)

I completely flaked on getting this post out sooner but here are some pretty adorable things for your kiddos to wear this weekend! Maybe you have a baby Gap nearby and can pick an outift (or two!) up?!

all items via baby gap
all items via baby gap
not so sure about the Nordstrom elevator (shirt:gap, pants: cotton on, shoes: freshly picked, clip:katiebugdaisy etsy ) Mama may have had to go back to get that maxi dress... however I did use blog earnings to purchase it!
pretend sleeping
she sleeps with one eye open
Lately B has been playing jokes on us and pretending to lay down with her sleep sack and go "night night." It's pretty cute. :) She also will pretend to offer us one of her toys and then quickly take it back. M calls this game "just kidding." I call it Indian giving. ;)

Cotton On, Nordstrom, and Target Oh My!

Thursday, May 23, 2013


To sum it up yesterday was pretty great. My brother got a ticket for fishing without a license and while this doesn't seem great one way my parents have decided he can pay them back is through babysitting. Basically my mom and I go shopping distraction baby free and Jake earns cold hard cash towards his little hefty ticket. Win-win! I asked Jake if he was planning on becoming a single dad anytime soon and he said, "no, having a baby is so BORING." All I could do was laugh. Clearly he had had too much Old McDonald for one afternoon.

I however could not get enough of the Nordstrom half yearly sale (Among other goodies at our mall). I reallllllly wanted this dress below but wished it was on sale...

I stopped by Cotton On for Kids and got B some seriously rad leggings. They remind me of some of the ones I've seen on Etsy but for a third of the price!

all leggings from Cotton On
feather headband from Cotton On $2!!! 

i couldn't pass up this sweater with the gold sparkle trim. way cuter in person!

I also have found some pretty adorable suits at Target (where else?!) this last week. And really you can't go wrong with the price tag!

love the fun geometric print

chevron and lime green hardware
got B's new gold mocs from Freshly Picked! Yay!

um can they make these in my size?
PS Freshly Picked is having a giveaway AND sale this week so follow them on Instagram and get some mocs!

Monthly Updates + Giveaway winner!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Once Blair turned one I was stoked on the idea that I wouldn't have to do any more weekly updates but my friend over at Strawberry Swing has done a great job at still doing updates for her little girl on a monthly basis. So, I had to follow suit. Check me out playing catch up below...

thanks to the app "a beautiful mess" for making my life way easier...

These monthly updates are a lot easier when I just take a photo off my phone instead of doing full blown photo shoots like before... Plus wouldn't these make a cute little prinstagram book? I'm still dying to order one.

CONGRATULATIONS to the lovely Erinn at Strawberry Swing and Things! You won a pair of leggings from Salt City Emporium! You must have good luck because I'm pretty sure you won the last giveaway too! Yippee! Thanks again to Jen for giving away a pair of her awesome leggings!

Toddler Tuesday

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Last Saturday night was one for the books. We got home from the beach at 5:15 and I had to bust a move to get ready for one of my best friend's 30th birthday party. I decided my 19 year old brother was capable of watching B for the evening so off we went. Little did I know that B had a raging beach diaper rash that kept her up (M put her to bed and to top it off her light in her room burned out so we didn't notice the damage). My poor brother had to get up with her at 11pm and 1am. I felt HORRIBLE (especially since he just had surgery a week ago) and will be paying him the big bucks for that one... Surprisingly enough he never called me. I'm just praying he'll do it again... Oh and I have a feeling one of her top teeth is coming in! OY!
enjoying ourselves while Jake was not :/

homemade by her friend

the birthday girl and me gettin' our country on at Toby Keith's Bar

the famous stink bug crawl

eating sand and pooping it into her diaper probably didn't help her situation :/
this probably didn't help either. seriously?!
but she was happy!
not so sure about the baby pool
look at how handsome your dada is! ;)
apparently B is Jewish (darn 95% head)
if this isn't flirting I don't know what is!
i die
checking out Liam's luscious lips ;)
Aside from slathering B's bum with desitin does anyone else have any diaper bum rash remedies?! Suggestions?!

**winner from the leggings giveaway will be announced Wednesday!