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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

We had a great weekend at the beach with my family celebrating my brother's birthday. The weather was amazing! I mean 75 degrees in January?! Only in Southern California! Lots of new things happening with Blair...


Well I think it is safe to say we have officially entered the teething stage. And I can't say I'm enjoying it. While we were at the beach B wasn't 100% herself. She would fuss/cry for no reason and chew like mad on anything she could get her hands on...including her hands. I've tried to see where the perpetrator in coming through and it seems to be her top left. Which is weird because usually the bottom teeth are the first to come in. Either way teeth are teeth and no fun when they come in!


Homegirl has been a bit more picky than usual lately. She has been preferring her veggies mixed with rice and her fruit mixed with oatmeal. She tried some meat from my lasagna but man alive did that make for some stanky poops! Yuck. It makes me want to encourage her to be a vegetarian but that's not gonna happen. Her mama and dada love their in-n-out too much!


I'm not sure if teething or being away from her bedroom is what made her sleep a little wonky this weekend. She woke one night at ten pm and yesterday morning at 5:15 am. That made me pretty sad. But she did go down for her first nap at 7:45 so I went back to bed for an hour. :)


I decided to add this section to the list because B is enjoying some pretty funny things. She likes looking at the oven display, playing with my eyelashes, and shaking anything that rattles. She has also started scrunching her nose up like a bunny and sniffing ferociously. She thinks it's hilarious. Lastly she's been fake coughing to get attention as well. This kills me!


Ugh. A lot. I hate teeth.


B has been loving her music class almost as much as her mama. What?! It's fun! She also got to spend a lot of time with her auntie and uncles, Grammas and Grampas, and her babysitter (which happens to be my brothers girlfriend).


B has gotten really good at sitting up from lying down and vice versa. She is also workin it when standing. She's taken a few tumbles but I try to act like it's no big deal. Trying not to raise a cry baby! She's also been clapping and dancing which is SO cute!!!

Post partum

Just enjoyed the weekend with my family. Not a whole lot that makes me happier than that. :)



  1. Ugh teething! I'm not looking forward to those days! Hope B breezes through that, as much as possible! Looks like you all had a great day at the beach! We're going to the desert this weekend and I am SO excited for some warm weather!

  2. Have you tried those teething necklaces that she wears? Or the beads that you wear that she can chew on? I used to freeze strawberries and put them in those mesh net things that they gnaw on. Super messy but helpful.

  3. Awww. Love all the photos. It looks like you all had a blast this weekend and Blair is growing up so fast!! Hope those teeth come in soon!

  4. Haha! Not only in southern California is it 75 degrees in January- in southern Louisiana too!

    Jillian @

  5. Why is it that you did not put a hat on your baby when you took her to the beach? You and your husband have on sunglasses. The sun is way too bright for her sensitive baby eyes!


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