Prolacta Bioscience for NICU babies

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

When your preemie is in the NICU, the ONE THING you want most is to take your baby home!

If you've been following me for a while you know that Blair was in the NICU after she was born early at 35 weeks. She spent 10 days hooked up to many breathing machines, jaundice blankets, and feeding tubes. Having to drive home without her every night was heartbreaking. I’m grateful things went smoothly and we were able to bring her home so quickly— but for babies born
extremely premature, it could take months until they have grown and developed enough to go home.
Nutrition is so critically important in the NICU.

Preemies miss out on the last trimester growth period, so they need extra nutrition to catch up for what they missed in utero. I learned that the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends adding a nutritional “fortifier” to mom’s or donor breast milk so that babies born weighing less than 3 lbs. 5 ozs. 1 can get the added calories and protein they need for brain and body development.
Surprisingly, most “fortifiers” labeled “human milk fortifier” are made from cow milk, which has been linked to serious complications.

Thankfully, I found an alternative: Prolacta Bioscience makes the first and only nutritional fortifier from 100% human donor breast milk. And it’s proven to reduce complications compared to cow milk fortifier. I’m partnering with Prolacta Bioscience to help raise awareness. We want moms to be educated so that they know to ask for Prolacta by name. And thanks to many moms already out there, NICUs nationwide are now changing the standard of care by making Prolacta’s 100% donor breast milk fortifier available as part of an exclusive human milk diet.

If you have a preemie, or know someone who does, please be a voice for them. Click my link for information about how to get Prolacta and share with friends, family or even your baby’s care team.

Logann Mae's Nursery

Sunday, August 25, 2019

Since we decided to wait to know the gender of Logann her nursery was very gender neutral to start with. I used most of the decor from Cal's old nursery and planned on throwing in some pink if she was a girl. Well, she was! I just got one other piece of wall decor for above the glider that is freaking cute but when I photographed her room it hadn't arrived yet. THIS is the piece.

One of my favorite pieces in this room is the swing by Little Dove Store. You can check it out HERE.

Wood flower from hobby lobby, love you more abacus from hobby lobby, yarn rainbow from oh little wren IG shop, wood letter board from madera modern IG shop, alpaca source unknown, rainbow stitching from oh little wren IG shop, buffalo print unknown (and soon to be changed out to her bible verse), lamp from target, nightstand from ikea, crib from babyletto, flokati rug from amazon, blue rug from crate and kids, sheet and blanket from mebie baby, navy pillow from pottery barn, pink pillow from target, garland from target, flokati pillow from pottery barn kids, rocking chair is vintage, plant from target, moses basket from amazon
book shelves from target, bow rack from amazon, clock from target, curtain rod from amazon

dresser is vintage, mirror from target, macrame plant holders from amazon

plants and pots from target, throw pillow from target, swaddle blanket is evies, side table from amazon

curtains from ikea

wall hanging from target, geometric shelves made by matt

wood rainbow from amazon, wood block gifted, bible verse card from magnolia market
Most of the decor was repurposed from Cal/Evie's twin nursery. I'm loving the boho vibe in Logann's room and all the natural textures. It's probably my favorite room in the house right now :). Let me know if you have any questions!