Weekend Schenanigans

Monday, September 30, 2013

We had a jam-packed but fun weekend! Friday night M and I went out with another couple to the Hollywood Bowl to watch a Keith Urban concert. Our seats went from pretty good to amazing when he decided to walk through the audience and perform right behind us! Unfortunately (or fortunately?) I was that girl who screamed as he walked by and got to touch him. My friend shook his hand but for fear that he wasn't going to see mine I just went for his chest/shoulder/back. I still can't figure out why M didn't run over and do the same? He clearly has no inner 12 year old girl inside of him. ;)

Saturday we attended M's cousin's wedding in Encinitas. The bride was beautiful and we had a wonderful time eating and spending time with family.

my dress: ann taylor loft b's dress: jason wu for target last year
On Sunday I went to an adorable gender reveal party (and failed to take good decor pictures) where we found out my friend is having a BOY in March! They really wanted a boy so it was super fun to see their wishes come true!

On the way home we hit up the grocery store and I couldn't resist this little pumpkin. Oh, and we bought a pumpkin too. ;)

Finally we ended the weekend with Sunday night church outdoors! Lala and B were diggin' the worship music.

shades required
still my baby
SO many other cute photos from this weekend but I gotta save my material for later in the week. ;) Oh, and is it just me or is EVERYONE pregnant?!?! I literally have about 10 girlfriends who are due next spring AND I swear all of my blogging pals are prego with #2! I'm still waiting for you, Natasha, to share some juicy news. ;) I however have no news for you other than we are still not thinking about baby #2 till next year! And with that have a great Monday!

Favorite Things

Friday, September 27, 2013

There are a few things I've been loving lately, especially this fall weather! It actually rained yesterday and it was so fun being warm inside and watching the rain come down outside.

Blair's treat bag that I got on sale.

my boot camp. random, but it makes me feel really good!

i love smelling what's cookin' all day and then enjoying hot food when it's cool outside

my insulated plastic mason jar mug.

this nail color (and a clean ring!)
This weekend we are crazy busy with a Keith Urban concert at the Hollywood Bowl, a wedding, a birthday party and more! We should have lots of fun and I'm looking forward to eating good food. What else is new? Hope you are all enjoying the cooler weather!

Oh, and this girl is my favorite... 

Wednesday Morning

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Yesterday I meant to take enough pictures to do "A Day in the Life" post but forgot to take enough pictures and by noon had given up. This is what I did come up with, which describes a typical morning for us. B wakes around 7:15 and M gets her out of bed, changes her massive pee diaper and brings her in our bed to read. In reality it's more like us trying to keep our eyes closed while she pounces on us WWF style.

Eventually she lands on my bladder one too many times and we're up and at 'em. Keepin' it real.

she is SO into the "if you give a ___ a ___" books!

the crazy morning bed head

waving bye to Dada...see you at dinner time!
Am I the only one who tries to get some extra shut eye with their toddler in bed? Why oh why can't she enjoy TV yet? Oh, and hey honey thanks for letting me catch you in all your glory right after you wake up. :) Better you than me that's FOR SURE.

Pumpkin Style

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Today I plan hope to get to the grocery store to pick up a few pumpkins before we hit up Live Oak Farm early October. There are SO many ideas out there regarding decorating pumpkins so I pulled together a few of my favorite looks below...


painted solids

gramma style


painted pattern


So many options! I really want to try "drilling" our pumpkins this year. I think M will dig using a power tool instead of the usual tiny carving knife. And let's face it, soon enough we will have Disney character pumpkins per Blair's request so I better get my artsy ones out of my system now...

18 Month Catch Up

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I have to tell you that my Tuesday posts are probably going to be sparse from here on out. We have a small Bible study we lead here Monday nights and I lead a children's Bible study Tuesday mornings so between the two I spend quite a chunk of time preparing for that and the blog gets put on the back burner. I know you will have grace for me though. :) On that note here is Blair's 18 month photo update followed by the last six months. My how she has changed!

Somehow I have misplaced her 15 month shot which bums me out. A huge thanks to anyone who has the time to locate this on my blog... it would be in the June posts.;) Have a great Tuesday!

Relaxing Weekend

Monday, September 23, 2013

It's officially fall! And last night at church we were outside and I actually had goosebumps! Woo hoo! My wallet will be so happy now that we aren't running our AC 24 hours a day. Most weekends we pack in a million things but this weekend we really just hung around the house getting little things done on our my honey do list. I was able to start making more garland and even had time to read through the September catalog from Land of Nod (swooning!). On Sunday I was even Mom of the Year and made a pancake breakfast. Never mind that all I had to do was add water. It still counts!

M whipped up a sweet little caramel apple dessert for us Friday night

then i ran 5 miles saturday to make up for that dessert. kidding. i'm training for another half!

BEST idea of the weekend. kiddie pool inside with no water. easily an hour of entertainment here!
 And the snazzy little breakfast I was telling you about... It was so relaxing (and fun!) eating breakfast outside.

Bella is never far when B is eating

too lazy to crop...there's me in my pjs (and a sweatshirt! yay!)
To finish our festive weekend off I made banana muffins and ate way too many. What? I'm putting my winter coat on. It's allowed. Oh and PS I may or may not have stayed in my pjs all day until I got dressed at 4 pm for church. Not sorry.

Blair's Fall Loot

Friday, September 20, 2013

Gap, gap, gap...why do you taunt my inbox with 35% off codes? I cannot resist you and your seemingly good deals. (Plus I had a gift card I found in my wallet...money!) Even though my child looks like this some days...
accessories...check. clothing...optional. (shoes)
Other days she looks like this...

I guess I should thank you, Gap, for having a fall sale. Because B is going to look pretty cute in these items...

Unfortunately (or fortunately?) M and I have decided to really implement a budget. Less talk and more action. Lucky for me this last haul squeaked in before the big budget came. With me not working anymore it's time we get serious about being responsible with our money. Pray for me!!!! If you know me you know how difficult this is going to be...

And on that note have a frugal fun weekend!


Thursday, September 19, 2013

Because this is all that happened yesterday...

carwash...in her stuart weitzmans (thanks Dani!) pants similar
entertainment at its finest
watched MM clubhouse...well the intro anyway. then she was over it.
over it

and if you are interested in baby in a box... go here i'll warn you that you should fast forward to the one minute mark. :)

and here is Blair in her TV trance... enjoy!

Phillip Lim for Target

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Today I'm over at Kids and Cabernet talking about my favorite vacation spots...come say hi! 

I realize I'm probably super late on this train but have you seen the 3.1 Phillip Lim collection at target?! I've been avoiding shopping for myself at all costs because I'm hosting a CAbi party soon and I know I will be spending some dollars there. But I happened to stumble across the mustard yellow print online and now I'm in LOVE! If there are any of these items left feel free to buy me some for Christmas. ;)

how flattering is this blouse? and i love the duffel for a carry on bag.

i can't get enough of this print! I especially love the dress and sweater.
Have you picked up any of these items? I'm about to scope out our local Targets to see if anything is left. Fingers crossed one of the three still has it left! PS, MOM and MATT these would make great *surprise* gift ideas! Size small. :)

Fall Mantel

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Fall is coming. I looked at the weather for the next ten days and next Wednesday it's supposed to be 87. Womp womp. But hey, it's a step in the right direction since it's currently 99 outside...

And with that good news I am posting some pictures of my fall decor...

new mirror spray painted black: Homegoods

acorns: Homegoods

plant: Homegoods

chalk print: j&paper

pumpkins: Tuesday Morning candle sticks: World Market
I'm planning on adding a little "boo" banner to the mantel promptly followed by a "thankful" banner after Halloween. And if I could find my fake fall leaves that would be awesome as well.  What do you have on your mantels/vignettes?