Work it Wednesday

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Yay for the CAbi clothes coming in the mail so quickly! I paired my CAbi blouse with an Ann Taylor Loft sequined tank and skinny jeans. I liked the unexpected sparkle under the shirt instead of over it.
It's hard to tell that Blair is workin it but she's got a reversible skirt on from Old Navy. Size 18-24 months (what?!).

Day Two of the shoe challenge...
Happy Halloween! M carved Blair's pumpkin to fit her legs out the front. We will be taking her picture today and sharing it tomorrow :). Tonight we are handing candy out. Our neighbors said to be prepared for up to a thousand trick or treaters! We're going to keep count!


Bella was eyein my caramel apple!

If the Shoe Fits

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

While I was at Nordstrom the other day I brought home some shoes that I liked and M about had a coronary. Here's why...

This is one section of the shoes in my closet. Can I help that my shoe size hasn't changed since middle school and I've acquired a few shoes? He told me about how I don't need more shoes and how I only wear like five pairs consistently. I totally disagreed with this and he challenged me to wear all of my shoes. A different pair each day until I've worn them all. I accepted the challenge in hopes that it justifies more shoe purchases in the future... And actually the shoes I purchased were done so because I knew my mom would gladly give them to me for Christmas this year. So technically I wasn't spending our money on them...

Here was day one...

Easy. Nude flats go with everything. It's the sequined silver stilettos that I'm a bit worried about...

Side note: while writing this it dawned on me that its going to take me like three months to do this. I said this to M and he said "he knew that." I whined that winter was coming and I can't wear flip flops. So he excluded my sandals and flip flops. Along with shoes that I HAD to purchase such as for a wedding in which I was a bridesmaid. Phew.

PS. I'll be wearing those sequined stilettos to his office Christmas party this year for sure...


Motherhood Mondays

Monday, October 29, 2012

Ahhhh I had such a relaxing weekend! On Saturday we ran ten miles (ok that was not relaxing) and then Matt made me pumpkin apple pancakes from scratch (Sunset magazine recipe)! Blair took a three and a half hour nap and we had to wake her up! It was so nice to get some chores done around the house. After we woke her up M took her to run errands at Costco and Lowes. A little different scenery than what she's used to with me (Target, Baby Gap). While he was doing this I went to Nordstrom to pick out some shoes I wanted for Christmas. I hit up Starbucks on the way. So, yes, it was a good day. :) That night we went to a Halloween party and had a girl who I used to babysit come over and babysit B! Super easy since she was sleeping the whole time. :)

On Sunday we went to an amazing pumpkin patch called Live Oak. I'm sold! They had a corn maze, sunflower fields, an incredible selection of pumpkins (you could pick them off the vine), tons of bad for you good food, live music, a petting zoo, games/jumpers for toddlers, and great picture opportunities! Clearly, I was impressed. For SURE going every year as a tradish. Annnnd were definitely going there during Christmas time.


Prob still about 18 and a half pounds. Lets just say people still stop to marvel at her thighs...


I think this round of teething has subsided. Still with no teeth. By the grace of God she hasn't been sick yet. Even with the exposure to germs through Sunday school. Yay for antibodies in breast milk!


She's a trooper. I've been doing all sorts of social outings lately which has been jamming her naps. She makes sure to let me know that she is tired by screaming her head off until I hold her (see stroller strides event below). I've always said she's a good baby, unless its nap time or bed time then all she wants is her sleep. Can you blame her?


6-12 months or nine months depending on the brand/item. I got some super cute stuff from baby gap on sale. Wrapping it up for Christmas!


Lots going on! She's still going to Sunday school and Bible study twice a week. Last Friday we tried stroller strides and it was great except that it was right in the middle of nap time and she was MAD. She screamed in that stroller unless we were moving (which wasn't a lot because there were SO many moms). I ended up doing a lot of moves with her on my hip. She just added to my workout. :) I would love to try it again when she gets older and drops her morning nap.

Last Friday we also went to our church's trunk or treat. B was the cutest cow there!


Still nursing in the day every three to four hours. Last week she ate asparagus and white potato. This week we are moving on to plums and broccoli. She has yet to refuse anything we give her. Just like her mama, the girl loves food! We feed her two ounces of food about twice a day. I'm hoping the plums start to get things moving for her...


When she is tired she gets MAD! She has started pushing off of me with all four limbs when she's exhausted. She also still rubs her eyes, and lately really throws her body backwards and arches her back when tired. The nice thing is that usually she can find her thumb and that soothes her instantly.


Been loving her fleece Halo sleep sack since the weather is cooling down. Kind of...


Babbling! This girl can TALK! Well, not technically but she is all about making noise. And much to my dismay she is really good at saying dadadadada. It makes Matt beam with pride as if he taught her himself. And he usually gloats when this happens and I glare and go on to say mamamama. He doesn't know that "d" is easier to say than "m". Just kidding I just made that up. It may or may not be the case. Either way she's saying ma, ba, da, t, ha, na, ya. It's very cute! I'm sure her first words are right around the corner.

Post partum

Ran our ten miles. I'll be glad when the half marathon is done. Running ten miles just hurts the bod and takes up too much time on the weekend. I've really been enjoying the boot camp I go to twice a week. I've been so sore which is good and bad at the same time. Matt is talking about doing a full marathon. I say have fun without me...


Small Booties and Big Socks

Friday, October 26, 2012

After getting my CAbi clothes order in the mail I decided some booties would be adorable with some of the pants I purchased. But I had to be reasonable with my choice in shoe because I'm not walking the runway halls of an elementary school all day anymore. Now I'm shuffling through Target, the grocery store parking lot, and Starbucks. And let's be real, heels and a baby don't mix too well. Here are the shoes I'm deciding between. Don't laugh at my brands of choice: ie Born, Sofft, and Naturalizer. (What?! They're comfy!)

cobb hill


sam edelman

(in black) naturalizer
And on top of my need want for some booties I also would like some knee high socks. I have a vision of them peeking out from my Frye boots. Notice I said peeking not hanging out. Here is what I'm talking about...

even this is a little too much sock...

No no no when the thigh shows it's just sleazy in my opinion

although this is kinda cute (but nonfunctional)

too much sock, too much thigh, not enough skirt...
There you have it! My bootie and sock preferences. I'm going to Nordstrom today with my Dad to pick out a birthday gift for my mom. Maybe I'll be able to talk the old man into some Christmas booties? Muahahah.

Holy cow I'm udderly adorable!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

I didn't have anything monumental for Thursdays things for baby so insteadhere are some pictures of B's Halloween gear.
We went to our old neighborhood yesterday to show off b's Halloween costume. The neighbors loved it but b was pretty tired afterwards. She gets to rock her costume again Friday night at our churches trunk or treat event. Then of course on Halloween she will hand out candy with us till 6:15 when it's bedtime. :)

What is your little one dressing up as? Or what are you going to be?

Work it Wednesday

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I love that I can finally wear pants and a sweater...fall is here!
Today I'm taking B to visit our old neighbors. Halloween was a pretty big deal in our old neighborhood so she will be rocking her Halloween costume :).

CAbi baby

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I mentioned that last Saturday I hosted a CAbi clothing party for my aunt. We ended up having a great turn out and I ordered many cute things for fall/winter weather. Some of these things Santa will be bringing me for Christmas to justify what I purchased... Here are some pictures from the event!

My aunt in action.
My gramma modeling. :)
Kristen workin it!
Here are a few of my favorite purchases...gray sweater
Nude blouse
Gray jersey tee
Gray fleck jacket
Red thin courderoy pant
Black rain jegging
Is it bad to say I'm excited for their spring line already?