Valentine Crush: Target

Friday, January 31, 2014

Target does me dirty practically every time I visit, but especially lately. Their spring line has hit the floor and along with it so has my jaw. Their stuff is so stinkin' cute and you can't beat the prices! I scooped up some dresses and bathing suits (we're going to Oahu in June!). I was especially inspired by Natasha's choice in swimwear in Maui so naturally I had to copy her and it didn't disappoint! I decided on the white and green dress and I also picked out a few other things I'm loving but have yet to pull the trigger on.

How cute is that little gold tray? I've been wanting it for ages but don't really have a spot for it (not that I couldn't find one). Last year I bought the above glitter sandals (a jcrew knock off) and wore them all. the. time. I highly recommend you get these for the summer...comfy and glam!

I was going to make this a "Valentine's Day for Her" collage but then it turned into "Target for Her." Either way M if you are reading this any of these would be a great gift for February 14! ;)

PS Target you should pay me to advertise for you ;)

Rug Re-do

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

"Hi my name is Natalie and I'm a commitment-phobe. " "Hi Natalie."

It's true. Matt will be the first to tell you. It's not that he's the one I've been leery to commit to, it's my furniture that I can't stick with and be true to. I'll think I love something either because it's a good deal or someone else has it or told me to get it so I'll dive in and buy it insisting that it's perfect. And then after some time I'm over it or I realized I never liked it in the first place. This clearly irritates M for two reasons a) I'm wasting money b) he finally started to like whatever I purchased.

I've tried selling things around the house to earn some extra cash to purchase new things but usually end up spending money (although less than I would have!) on the new item. This month it was a new rug for the kitchen. The old one blended into the tile too much and I decided I wasn't gaga over the floral design...

The new one was on saaaaaaale! And had a geometric print that I love. I also like that it pops off the tile floor and will one day complement my white cabinets. :) That's a DIY that M doesn't wanna touch with a 100 foot pole...

I also switched up the blue curtain for white. I like how it accentuates the crown molding and looks so clean.

the blue is a lot more gray than royal although it photographed pretty bright

This weekend we are tackling the buffet ourselves after reading a tutorial from Young House Love on re-doing oak cabinets. Can't Even. Wait. Fingers crossed! I'm excited to show you the before and after. :)

It's the Little Things

I'm teaming up with Jess and Ashley to talk about the little things in life that mean so much. Feel free to join us every Wednesday (or whenever you can!) to talk about what is making you joyful/grateful/encouraged. This week despite B being sick, I found some joy in the little things...

this gift wrap that I got on mega clearance in Target's Christmas section

cards cute enough to frame!

extra snuggles with my sick girl. look at those eyes :(

the prettiest trees in bloom. don't they know it's only january?
Just a few little things I'm enjoying and/or thankful for. Hope you can take some time today and find a few for yourself. :)

My Little Valentine

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

We've been busy little bees over here working on our Valentine's Day cards. If I'm being honest I did most of the crafting during nap time but B is adding a bit of her own flair to the insides. I'm tracing her hand and planning on writing something corny like "you're the best...hands down!" You know, a typical gag worthy Valentine's quote. Oh and if you wanna see the card I got M go here. This is us to a tee (embarrassingly enough)! No peeking M!

"say cheese" or growl...

sweater: baby gap (sold out) similar
pants: baby gap
shoes: Toms

Do you love handmade cards as much as I do? Are you sending out cards? Crafting your own or saving some time and buying them? Hey, I don't judge! Happy Tuesday!

Sunny with a Chance of Baby Showers

Monday, January 27, 2014

This was the weekend of parties galore! I don't discriminate...I attended baby showers, birthday parties, and housewarming parties. All were fun and had great food which made me very happy. I'm sure I'll have food remorse come  Monday morning (which would be right about now). All of the parties were beautiful and got me super excited about Blair's upcoming birthday party. Yip yip! Take a look...

straight bougie

macarons and kinda shower!
bootie garland! not to be confused with booty garland. ;)

holy yum these were bomb

as was this...cream cheese frosting get in my belly

to be eaten later (or on the ride home)

so doing this at my next party. hot chocolate and coffee bar!


3 pregos in this picture! don't get crazy...i'm not one. mama of honor is in black on my left!

the hostess had a stunning home and view in Oak Glen

the cutest mama to be!
I had B with me at the birthday party so there are no pictures from that but I assure you it was darling! However I was sans Blair at the next shower so I was able to snap away. The second shower was Twinkle Twinkle Little Star because my friend is waiting to find out the sex. The suspense kills me! I could never.

how cute is she?!

seriously beautiful!

homemade scones, donuts, parfaits, quiches, sausage, bacon, pancakes AND waffles!

yes, they're real

swooning over this!

how i wonder what you are

You may recognize this bar cart from NYE. My friend throws the best parties so naturally the shower was at her house. It was really fun oooing and ahhhing over the baby stuff and gives me serious baby fever. Speaking of baby fever my sweet girl has had a fever all weekend. I just hate when she's sick. :( Doctor said it's just a cold she's gotta work through. But she's lookin' pretty pathetic...

PS Happy 20th to my baby brother bear!

Carter's Nursery

Friday, January 24, 2014

This month I have been featuring one of my friend's nursery's each Friday. So far I have posted Blair's and Harper's but now it's time for the boys! One of my BFF's, Rikki, is in the process of adopting a sweet little boy. She has fabulous taste and has designed the sweetest little nursery for him. I love how she incorporated pictures from before they even knew him. She has a really unique loft type space for his room and has used some of the quirks to her advantage. Take a look (and know that the room is SO much cuter in person! I was dealing with poor lighting issues).

Daddy is a policeman. They have Disney passes. And yes those are Freshly Picked. :)

she created a space with black out curtains since the loft stays pretty bright...genius

i love the neutral pallet

notice the deer head above the curtains...Daddy also likes to hunt!

the only awkward part...they're cat lovers. ;)
such a cute banner!

Blair rewarded Carter with a kiss for giving her Mama blogging material. ;)
Hope you boy mamas enjoyed this nursery inspiration. It makes me excited for possibly having a boy one day! It doesn't have to be Spider Man or Ninja Turtle themed...phew. We have a jam packed weekend full of baby showers, birthday parties and house warming parties. All fun stuff though so no complaining from this one. Plus there is bound to be food at each party and that always makes me happy. :)

PS And happy birthday to Blair's Aunt Lisa...we can be 29 for a while together. ;)