Cozy Kitchen

Friday, July 29, 2011

Welcome to the last room in our home...the kitchen! In this case I did not save the best for last. I saved the worst for last. This is the room I am least excited about. Apparently in the 1920's people liked to cook in a box because that is the size of our kitchen. And while it may be charming it just doesn't cut if for functionality. We have no dishwasher and half of our drawers/cupboards either don't close of have a missing hinge. All of these things combined makes me that much more excited for our re-model! We are still in the beginning phases of having the plans drawn up and then choosing a contractor. Fingers crossed that in January we break ground. I'm currently dreaming about dishwashers, counter top space, an island, cupboards for our food etc. Cant. Even. Wait. For now though I have documented the kitchen below as a before... :)

 i always said i didn't want a cluttered fridge but i cut out everyone's Christmas cards from the previous year and tape them up. People love coming over and finding their picture and checking out the others. Guests literally walk in and go straight to the fridge!

 looking at our back door to the laundry/mud room

 like i said, quaint and cozy! 

 faux van gogh

 the other side of the fridge with wedding invites, save the dates, and all four years of my teaching pictures from the yearbook (just for laughs). 

 looking into our pantry/craft room

 where the magic happens...on my cricut! 

looking out of the pantry into the kitchen. 

Well that's it! Our bungalow in a nutshell (because that's what it is!). Hope you enjoyed the rest of the house and I absolutely can not wait to begin the re-modeling process with you! We are having a church BBQ tomorrow here this weekend so I will be busy. Then I am headed down to the beach for 2 glorious weeks! No worries, I will still be posting like a fiend. :)

Showered With Love

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Last Sunday I attended a bridal shower for my beautiful soon to be sister-in-law. From now on I will refer to her as "sister" because it is so much easier to say and it sounds better. :) I had a great time ooooing and ahhhhing at her gifts and just happened to win some movie tickets. :) I busted out an oldie but goodie since this is the dress I wore to my rehearsal dinner! Here is a blast from the past...

and here are the recent photos...

 obsessed with this nail polish! Rica by Zoya

 comfiest wedges ever! totally wear these to work all the time.

 another great ATL purchase

 i've had these earrings for ages and still love them


 the beautiful bride to be and my lucky brother :)

 almost sisters!

dress: HYPE
wedges: Franco Sarto
necklace: ATL
earrings: nordstrom rack (no idea who makes them)

All the items in this shoot are "vintage." Can I say that?. What qualifies as vintage? Sorry there are no links! See you tomorrow with the last room in our house...the kitchen!

You've Got Mail

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Remember this old ugly mailbox? Well it is ugly no more! I can now say that I am no longer embarrassed when the mailman comes to deliver our mail. All it took was a screw driver and some black spray paint and voila! A chic new mailbox! Plus it matches the shutters and front door on our house (extra bonus). I can now officially scratch this off my summer bucket list! 

 ew. gross. how did i live with this for 4 years?

 the glorious new version!

 LBM: little black mailbox

Ta Da!

I was pretty pleased with my little DIY project. I even used a screwdriver! :) Happy Wednesday! See you tomorrow!

So Knotty

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

One of my goals this summer was to get out of my comfort zone in the fashion world. Wearing scarves around my head like this, knotting shirts, and buying some bright jean shorts topped my "must- do" list. So last weekend on our date night I ventured out to sushi in a knotted T shirt. Matt had all sorts of comments on my look (none of which were very supportive) but this was to be expected. He asked me several times "if I was done wearing my shirt like that." To answer your question, Matt, no I'm not done...

So, I'm not gonna lie...I wish my belly button wasn't showing in these shots. Note to self: next time tie the knot looser like this girl. Live and learn.

Tshirt: Jcrew Outlet
Skirt: Express
Necklace: Briana Rene
Bracelet: Gorjana
Sandals: Target
Shades: Juicy Couture

I completed another item on my bucket list...more on that tomorrow!

Welcome (back) to the 90's

Monday, July 25, 2011

Ah, home sweet home! After being gone for a week at our high school summer camp I am thrilled to be back in my nice bed and showering without flip flops. :) Don't get me wrong, it was an awesome experience but I am wiped out! Matt and I were counselors for 11 high school students each. Our week consisted of worshiping God, playing camp games (I got dominated), attending a 90's themed dance, sharing our testimony with our students, and eating interesting yummy camp food (actually I liked it). One thing I loved about camp was getting to spend time with the other counselors since they are all our close friends. We attended this camp when we were in high school so it was a great opportunity to give back.

I'm in the very top row. click on the image to get a closer look. :)
the plank (really thought i had this one...)
sumo sumo (got dominated again)
straight 90's

 ac slater, jessie, kelly, and zac :)

how cute are their 90's dresses? 

all three dresses: Forever 21 (similar)
jacket: rubbish
shades: Target
pearls: express

Have you ever been a camp counselor? I'm excited to get back in the swing of things in the blogging world. :) I have some more things to check off my bucket list this week and some outfit posts to catch up on. See you tomorrow with something "knotty!" ;)

Wedding Fever

Friday, July 22, 2011

Last Saturday I went to my friends' wedding in San Diego. I have known both the bride, Dani, and the groom, Todd since high school and have recently reconnected with them in the last year. I had such a blast at their wedding because it was like a mini high school reunion. She looked absolutely stunning in her strapless gown and the groomsmen had great seersucker suits. So happy for them to start their "happily ever after!"

Excuse the low quality photos...we took our baby camera instead of the mega one.

stunning balcony entrance

 the father of the bride


 the maids

 kiss your bride!

 their married!

me and my darling twin cousins!
 mmmm cake

 first dance


love her!
 who cut the cheese cake

 ready aim fire!


 me and the groom

keep on dancin till the world ends

Such a great time at this wedding...can't wait till my brother's wedding September 4th!

Office Space

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Still working on finishing up photographing all the rooms in our tiny cozy bungalow. Today I'm featuring our office slash guest room. This is not my favorite room in the house mostly because everything in it is from our college days and to be quite honest I'm over it. But one day I hope to turn it into a nursery so I'm not planning on running out and redecorating it just to turn it into a baby room. The one thing I do like about this room is that there is so much light. It is airy and bright which makes blogging in here nice. :) 

 i heart this picture. it was our rehearsal dinner. so much excitement!

 this dresser was matt's dad's when he was young. we painted it and added new knobs

 got the flower idea from my twin cousins. flowers are from michaels

 blech. worst part of the room! matt's old desk from college.

 remember this jewelry organizer from here?

Stan works hard in the office...

Can't wait to make this a gorgeous nursery someday! Until then I'll continue to work in my schlepy office. 

PS pictures from Dani's wedding last weekend are coming tomorrow!