Happy 8

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

M and I celebrated 8 wonderful years of marriage this weekend with a date night out on the town. We enjoyed some sushi together (Blair free) followed by some banana/peanut butter ice cream. It was low key and we're totally okay with that!

For some reason this picture looks like we are in front of a green screen but it's legit. We really were at the Riverside Plaza. ;)

And just for fun, because I know M reads my blog, here's what I love about him...

1. He is a man of God and an excellent spiritual leader of our family
2. He is an incredible Dad and is way more fun with B than I am
3. He works with me as a team and is ridiculously helpful
4. He is freakin smart (hello! civil engineer!)
5. If he doesn't know how to do/build/make something he will research the heck out of it and then do it flawlessly
6. He helps me with all my DIY's, toddler parties, showers, blogging etc.
7. He loves me despite my flaws (and wrinkles) ;)
8. He puts our family first.
9. He still makes me laugh.
10. He watches Fixer Upper with me (and likes it!)

I love you, boo! Happy 8 years!

Oh, and M, consider this my anniversary card to you. ;)

Autumn Designs and Co. Prints

Monday, March 30, 2015

Bonus Post! Enjoy some new prints! And have a great Spring Break for some of you!

PS the Easter Print would be awesome to give as a gift to whoever is hosting Easter brunch this year. :) Just a little suggestion! I'll be delivering it to a friend who is hosting a little partay for us on Friday. You know who you are ;)

Weekend Happenings

This weekend we had some summer temperatures and B took advantage of that Friday night while I caught up on some light reading (aka Us Weekly). It was so relaxing and it's times like these when having only one kiddo ain't so bad!

On a side note it's my sprint break this week so now you know why I'll be having sparse posts...we're at the beach!

Chobani Greek Yogurt Squeezies

Friday, March 27, 2015

     I'm always looking for yummy, healthy snacks for Blair. And while banana and almond butter is healthy in theory it's not the most convenient snack to take and eat on the go. Enter yogurt squeezies! More specifically, Chobani Yogurt Squeezies. I love a good healthy, convenient snack and Chobani just recently launched a line of healthy, tasty yogurt squeezies. Blair ate one in the grocery store yesterday (yup, I'm that Mom) and she approved!

I try to always choose snacks that are whole foods like cashews, raisins, string cheese etc. And what I like about Chobani Greek Yogurt is that they have only natural ingredients and way less sugar than the other brands. They also have a lot of protein (8 grams) to keep Blair full longer, which she needs for days at the park...

Can you spy DB?

Over here at the Bushman household we like to incorporate healthy eating and exercise into our daily lives. Blair definitely sees how important it is to get exercise. Since I'm at home with her I have the luxury of going to the gym at 11 am and taking her with me since it's not crowded then. We often run there since it's less than a mile from our house. She also sees firsthand what healthy food is by what we eat (eggs, avocado, fruit, lean meats, veggies etc). I don't make separate meals for her (unless she's starving and our dinner isn't ready yet) and we always make sure she tries something at least once before denying it.

With all this said don't get me wrong we love the occasional donut. But the key here is occasional. With me on the verge of type 2 diabetes my sugar binging days are over. :( I'm just thankful for companies like Chobani who make healthy lifestyles simpler for my little family. :)

Summer Swim Suits

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Summer time temps are here to stay it seems so I rounded up some of my favorite pint sized swim suits. Lots of cute choices this season!

Top Row: Hanna Anderson (on sale!)
Middle Row: Carter's and last one Gap
Bottom Row: Target

I am absolutely dying over the red two piece on the top row but they are all sold out of Blair's size. That's what happens when you wait for the sale I guess. I also loved the blue chevron one but with shipping and tax it comes out to $50 on sale. Boo. She currently has the pink pineapple one and flamingo ones in the center which are darling. She also has the two coral ones on the bottom from Target. And really $15 swim suits are more my her style. ;)

Romp and Play

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

I am 100% obsessed with rompers this spring/summer. So much that I tried to squeeze into an extra large one from the girls department in Target about a month ago. Newsflash: it didn't fit. Well, let me re-phrase that...it fit but it was not flattering by any means. Hats off to my friends who can actually rock the Target girls department. #jealous #wishiweighed100lbs

Well, I have some good news for those of you who are over 100 pounds! I found TWO perfect rompers (in the women's department) and decided to style them to show you their versatility. Here's why I like rompers... 1. I can dress B up as a mini me in them 2. They are loose which leads to 3. I can eat what I want while wearing them 4. so much style for so much comfort!

scarf by CAbi, shoes from Target

sweater by JCrew, necklace from francescas

shrug from the rack (ages ago), shoes from nordstrom (also ages ago)

black jacket, CAbi

Navy Romper by CAbi. This one by CAbi is also adorable! And if any local gals are interested in the romper let me know! I'm having a CAbi party this week. ;)

Autumn Designs and Co. {California Love Series}

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

For all you Californians (or California dreamers) we have some rad new prints for you in the shop! I was seriously squeeling with delight when I first saw these...SO adorable! I'll definitely be adding one of these to my walls. I just can't decide where? It would be cute in the master, Blair's room, the playroom, the gallery wall in our entry way etc. So many options. :)

I spy with my little eye some mickey mouse ears!


California Love
Are you humming the famous Tupac song yet? "California! Knows how to party..."


Monday, March 23, 2015

This weekend was buuuuuusy! I attended a baby shower for a friend on Friday night which was really fun. It was super low key and after the gifts we just hung out and talked till like 11:30! Baby showers be gettin' crazy. ;)

On Saturday night I threw an engagement party for my bestie, Diana, and our roomie, Sam. That was the last surprise engagement party, Diana, I promise! Poor girl keeps getting thrown in the lime light! I say she better get used to it. ;)

I had SO. MUCH. HELP. from my amazing friends with the engagement party. There is NO way on earth I could have set up for that bash all on my own and I am just plain grateful for them. They showed up at two and were working their tails off till the party began and then some! Between the girls helping inside and the boys doing yard work outside, I am blessed by their servant hearts and I love that we had fun even though we were all working. You know you have good friends when they come over to mow your lawn and clean your house! ;)

So with that, here's the pics of all their hard work!

By the start of the party this table was loaded with sweets!

flowers by the ever so talented Lynnea Ruiz!

balloons by Candyce ;)

Luckily Daniel figured out the mylar ones for us!

It sure helped that I was able to use pretty much all the same decor as I did at the engagement party the previous weekend. You know what they say...never re-invent the wheel! Happy Monday, friends!

3 Year Old Girl Gift Ideas

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Although it is a little late I have my "best of" list for birthday ideas for a three year old girl. I didn't include anything Peppa Pig because most kids don't know who that is. Blair just has a strange infatuation with her. :)

I also included toys that she has had since she was one but still LOVES playing with them. So in my mind they would be an excellent birthday gift.

The Day the Crayons Quit Book: Amazon
Gaston Book: Amazon
Any Disney Princess Doll: Disney Store
Little People Disney Princess Castle: Target
Fairy/Princess/Ballerina Magnetic Board: amazon
Mickey Mouse Playdough Set: Toys R Us
Jelly Shoes: Old Navy
Princess Coloring Book: Disneyland
Bubble Gun: Amazon
Wooden Cake: by Melissa and Doug, Amazon
Elsa and Anna Beach Towel: Target or Amazon
Baby Care Set: Target
Baby: Target

She's been LOVING her jelly shoes. Although she calls them her "glass slippers" (so cute). She's so obsessed with putting them on and taking them off all by herself. Whatever works! I hope this gives you gift givers some inspiration!

Weekend Getaway

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Last weekend while I was away M and B caught up on some R and R down at the beach. Well, that's not entirely true I guess. M said B was quite a stinker waking up twice a night wanting to snuggle. Sounds sweet but snuggling in a twin bed with a whirling dervish is not exactly restful. :/

They did still have some fun in the sun (har har) with grandma and grandpa.

dress: target, jellies: old navy

popsicle jammies: carter's

flamingo suit: carter's, princess bath toys: disneyland

S+D Engagement Party

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Over the past ten years I've been praying for my best friend to meet the right guy. If you're anything like me you love your best friends a whole lot and want them to be happy. Well it just so turns out that our friend, Sam, who is living with us happened to be that guy. :) I played a little match maker and they just got ENGAGED this weekend! I'm over the moon and I'm pretty sure they are too. ;)

 It's seriously incredible to think that God had this planned all along. That Diana and I would meet in college and become best friends. That we would keep in touch despite the distance of her nor Cal home and my so Cal home. And that M and I would meet Sam, have him move in, and then love him so much and introduce the two of them. SO many things had to line up and they did! Only God and his plan could have worked out this way!

Over the weekend Sam and I flew up to San Jose so he could propose and so I could help throw their engagement party with her friends and family. The weekend was filled with so much joy and celebration that I was about to burst! That could have also easily have been all the sweets I ate. Whoopsies. Definitely NOT what my doctor recommended I do with PCOS. Dang it.

Here's a few pics of the happiest couple around and our little party.

I repurposed my old gold banners from NYE a couple years ago.

These blondies were the death of me!

If you like it then you better put a ring on it!

Diana is coming down here this weekend and I can't even wait to veg out on the couch with piles of bridal mags. Now let the wedding planning begin! Yippee!