Kitchen Island Lighting

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Get ready for another super awesome Photoshop post! Sarcasm included. :) Since we have moved in we have wanted to change out the old school "elementary school" lighting for something a little more a lot more in style. The electricians are coming to install some canned lights around the outskirts of the kitchen and some pendent lights above the island. They come to do the work on Thursday so any help deciding which lights look best would be appreciated sooner rather than later! Nothing like waiting till the last minute.

current nasty lights

option 1

option 2

option 3

option 4
Which option do you guys like best? All pendents are from Home Depot. 

 And how could I have forgotten to post this sweet picture of B and her cousin?! They were celebrating my Mom's bday last weekend. Can you spot the imposter? ;)


  1. Option 1! I love all of the options but the darker looks better with your hardware.

  2. I like option #1. It looks like it goes with your hardware on your island and the color in the counter top. And thanks for the idea...I need to replace the old brass lighting in our new house and I love this idea!

  3. I like options 2 and 4. Have you checked Lowes, too?! I was thinking about these

  4. I like options 3 or 4 the most. I think the smaller the better, especially because there will be three of them hanging together and you have another light fixture hanging nearby. Also, while I like the larger ones too, they might block your view of the rest of the room.

  5. Option 1 works best with your handles. Otherwise you're mixing too many metals...

  6. My vote is for #4! The nickel ties into the chandelier above the table nicely and they are in the same view sight so it goes well without being too matchy.

  7. I like option 1 because it goes really well with your darker hardware and counter tops.

  8. I like #1, then #2. (The darker one looks good with your counters, but if you have stainless drawer pulls etc, then #2 works too.) I would also recommend having the highest wattage you can get in the fixtures, just because you need a lot of light in the kitchen (we have ours on a dimmer switch which is nice). Just something to consider! There's nothing better than getting rid of crappy lighting! :)

  9. I like the color of option 1, but the size and shape of option 4. Probably not very helpful. I think I would say 4. :)


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