Our Weekend

Monday, March 31, 2014

We had another very full weekend! Our Japanese students leave this morning so we had one more weekend to entertain them and show them Riverside's finest. :) I will miss having two live-in baby sitters!

Kaoru, Blair, and Mimu. Not sure who is teaching who. ;)

Sunday wouldn't be complete without a trip to the donut shop

then we had to work off our donuts on a hike :)

Riverside's beach ;)

top of Mt. R

daddy daughter selfie
Since we have had guests for the past ten days we haven't been as productive as we normally are. I'm ready to get that island painted! No rest for the weary! :)

And a happy 7 year anniversary to my love! Proof that "the 7 year itch" is make believe. ;)


  1. Happy anniversary! Pretty weekend pictures :)

  2. Happy anniversary. You have a BEAUTIFUL family.

  3. You have such a beautiful family.

    Happy Anniversary!

  4. Happy anniversary! Your wedding dress is beautiful! Can't wait to see the island completed and you guys getting more work done after your guests leave!!



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