Friday, March 7, 2014

     I'm nursing my post Disneyland hangover today. Everything seems so dull now that we're not in the magical kingdom! Despite waiting an eternity for parking and tickets we had SO much fun. There were hardly any lines at all and I loved seeing the excitement of it all through Blair's eyes. We got to see EIGHT characters...and she was mesmerized every time. She got a little sad when each ride was done and kept asking for more.

We started the morning off right...

And if you missed my instagram overload...

sleeping beauty
 PS Don't judge my appearance next to the princesses. That wouldn't be fair seeing that I had mascara on and they were wearing five pounds of make up...


cinderella (my sis-in-law used to be her at DL. in my unbiased opinion this girl doesn't hold a candle to Auntie Tiff!)

blowing kisses to Donald

the best reason to go to DL

not sure who's having more fun here...


spying on goofy

mesmerized by the parade

It was so stinkin' cute seeing B react to everything. We couldn't believe how brave she was on all the rides...especially Pirates of the Caribbean! She sat in between us and by the end of the ride was asleep...how is that even possible?! She wanted to ride the carousel all day long and was surprisingly really good at waiting in line.

When she met Ariel she told her "pretty dress" and Ariel spun around for her. Then Blair requested "more!" Haha poor Ariel looked like a drunken mess by the time B was done with her. She couldn't stop talking about the princesses and when we were leaving M told her they all went "night night." The whole way to the car we heard, "Pincess, nigh nigh?" And when we got home she woke up in the back seat and said "Disneyland?" That girl is going to have DL on the brain for a good while I imagine.


  1. Hat a lucky girl, made me get nostalgic! I can't wait to go to Disney world w the girls (probably not until K is 2 or 3 though), so lucky DL is almost in your backyard :). I love that she told Ariel what to do and I know a exCinderella too (she's actually a readhead)

  2. How much fun! I wish we lived closer to Disney world! What a magical place!

  3. Awwww this looks like SO much fun! I can't wait to take Ethan one day! Was it crowded this time of year, middle of the week? I feel like March/April (aside from Spring Break) always used to be a good time...but now of course, Disneyland is ALWAYS crowded! Blair is so cute...love that she was so mesmerized by the princesses!!

  4. Awe! Love this post! Disney is the best!

  5. How much fun!! She look like she had a blast. I am in love with your Mickey sweatshirt! So cute.


  6. How fun and such sweet memories. P.S. It looks like you have a BOB stroller-- those are the BEST!!! :)

  7. We have tossed around the idea of taking Abigail in the fall- posts like these make me want to go TODAY. So much fun!!!

  8. Aw! She told her "pretty dress"! She already knows every girl loves a compliment! You guys had so much fun! Owen was asking to go to DIsneyland and "Hug Micka Mouse!" yesterday.

  9. So sweet! I would imagine Disneyland through a child's eyes is so much better! When I went back for the first time as an older person everything felt so small!

  10. Love the photos! I also loved the little black and pink outfit she wore! So cute!

  11. So sweet! That is so awesome you got to see and take pictures with so many characters! The lines are usually SO LONG. We've only ever met Mickey by waiting in his house for forever lol. Glad you had such a great time!!

  12. Was this Blair's first trip to DL? Sorry if I missed that somewhere! I keep debating ack and forth when to take K to DL. It's basically in our backyard too, so I am REALLY wanting to get a season pass so it can just be one of our regular outings. But sometimes I think it would be nice to wait until she can be amazed and in awe of it all like Blair! Looks like she had a wonderful time!

    xx Viv @ joiedeviv.blogspot.com


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