Happy SPD!

Monday, March 17, 2014

     Happy St. Patrick's Day! I had a jam packed weekend full of baby shower, painting cabinets (thisclose to being done), furniture browsing, and a SPD feast.Speaking of food...did you post your SPD recipe in the link up today?! I had the pleasure of baking Mini Key Lime Tarts, remember?! Our weekend was a blur but here are a few sweet pictures...

the CUTEST shower...details later this week!

shamrock pancakes and a pot of gold

lovin' her dada

no joke we did "minute to win it" with my fam. do you know how hard it is to stack three golf balls? the world record is 9!

SPD fun

"take turns" she said on repeat

lovin' life with her best girlfriend...how sweet is this?!
Blair and I will be rockin' the green today...are you?!


  1. Sweet besties!!!


  2. What a cute shower! And Blair and her bestir - love that pic!

    xx Viv @ joiedeviv.blogspot.com


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