5 ways to wear a crop top

Friday, March 21, 2014

Thank you for the overwhelming support of our kitchen cabinets! And white for the island was the clear winner so we will be tackling that in a couple weeks! Eeek!

Yesterday I popped into Target and their crop tops caught my eye. I had a conversation with my bff a couple weeks ago about crop tops:

me: crop tops are in again. don't they give you horrible flashbacks to high school?
diana: no they are so much cuter now! think of them with a maxi skirt at the beach. love! i'm so doing it.
me: i guess...but i'm (almost) 30 now. 30 year olds don't wear crop tops.

...and then I bought one at Target. :) So apparently 30 year olds do wear crop tops. And moms...because I'm both. Don't get crazy, I won't be donning one at church but you better believe I'm rockin' it running errands and poolside. My wardrobes about to get cray cray. ;)

Here's what I like about the crop top...you can either show a lot or a little depending on how bloated you are that day. ;) Har har. Pull it up, pull it down...it's still cute either way! See below...

no bloat
bloat ;)
again, no bloat
So easy to adjust! Here's some other looks...

def only rockin this at the beach/pool (woah get a tan!)

And the back...

I love it! They had this same top in black and some options with sleeves but I loved this one the best. I never thought I could but I'm going out on a limb here and saying I can! OH and in case you are obsessed with my headbands (because I am) I scooped those up at Target too. You can thank me later. I'll be living in them all summer.

PS the mirror I used is REALLY forgiving so don't get all excited like, "dang Natalie looks good!" Nope. Still the same old me.

Items unavailable online :(


  1. You look great! Where did you get you headbands?

  2. I love this! My younger (just by 2 years and 4 months!!) is totally trendy and a million pounds smaller than me and she totally ROCKS the crop tops. She just has great style! I sooo want to wear them.

  3. Okay, where in target do you find those great headbands? I poked around there today but I came up empty-handed. :(


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