Lucky (Recipe) Linkup: Shamrock Shake

Monday, March 3, 2014

     Hey Babes! Some of my blog friends and I had so much fun with our Secret Santa and Valentine's Day blog swap, we wanted to continue the fun, but this time figure out a way to get everyone involved!

So today we bring you the Lucky Link Up!  Each one of us is sharing a St. Patrick's Day themed recipe  and we are including a link a up below for anyone who'd like to join in!  Just post your recipe to your blog and link up by next Monday, March 10th.  Entries will close and everyone will be matched up to make another blogger's recipe and we'll all share how it goes down - the good, the bad, the pinterest-worthy on St. Patrick's Day (Monday, March 17th).

We are looking forward to seeing all the yummy treats and how other bloggers make edits to fit their the dietary needs.  Perhaps you are dairy free, don't use food coloring, or have trouble finding an ingredient at your local market, still try your best to make any edits needed to make it your own and of course we'll all link back to our match ups so everyone can (blog) hop along and see all the different versions!

We hope you are as excited about this link as we are!

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And now for my contribution... the SHAMROCK SHAKE! I got the original recipe here

she didn't hate it

How to make a Copycat Shamrock Shake


  • 2 Cups Mint Ice Cream
  • 1/2 Cup Milk
  • 6 Thin Mints
  • Whip cream
  • Sprinkles


Step 1 – Crush up 3 thin mints
Step 2 – Place the mint ice cream, milk and crushed thin mints into your blender and blend for a minute
Step 3 – Pour the shake into a cup and top with whip cream and sprinkles.  Add a Thin Mint into the whip cream as garnish.  Enjoy!

You could really make this anytime of the year (minus the girl scout cookies). Add a festive straw and sprinkles to any shake and voila you have yourself a holiday treat any month of the year! Instead of girl scout cookies you could use Oreos. They even have a mint flavor!

What are you waiting for?! Start cookin', good lookin' and link up below!


  1. Yum! (and don't forget I'm playing along too!!)

  2. These look great! You've got me craving one for breakfast!

  3. you got all fancy and used thin mints!! its a really good thing i happen to have a box (or four) in my house RIGHT NOW. these look delicious!!

  4. ps- bonus points for your nails matching the shake!

  5. WANT. RIGHT NOW. This looks so much better than the decaf coffee I'm currently drinking. Yum!

  6. Aww...she looks adorable sipping her shake! :)

  7. Ooooo this looks delicious!! I love love love mint chocolate ice cream!

  8. This shake is all kinds of right! Can't go wrong with Girl Scout cookies! ;)

    Hello Newlywed Life Blog

  9. Holy moly, that looks SO good! Obviously Blair approved too :)

  10. Found your blog via Emily at Dear Owen. We're making this shake tonight for dessert. :) Can't wait!

    New follower! :)
    Amy @ keepin' up with the Smiths


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