Happy 2nd Birthday Blair!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

    Say WHAAAAAAT?! Blair is TWO today! Cue the Mama tears. I can not believe how blessed I am to have such a mostly sweet girl. Her personality has just exploded this year and I just love getting to know her more each day. As I write this she is currently singing "Rock-A-Bye-Baby" to her doll in her crib. Swoon. She is learning SO much, I can't even keep up! All thanks to the iPad my teaching background I'm sure. ;)

Later this week I will be detailing her skills as of lately but today I want to take a look back at then and now!!! Today we are taking her out to a local ice cream parlor for lunch with Daddy. We will celebrate with a party for her this weekend. And possibly a trip to Disneyland depending on how much crafting I accomplish between now and Thursday... I just know when she sees Mickey and the gang she is going to DIE of excitement! "Meeeee (Minnie) Mouse!" She has already been requesting "to you" all week (happy birthday to you song) and knows that she is having a party soon.

And to think she started this small and helpless...
march 4 2012
 and is now a total independent ham!

March 3 2014

     My heart is SO full of love for this little girl. She is such a blessing from God and while it seems as though I am teaching her things every day it is really her that is teaching me. To be more humble, patient, kind, flexible, imperfect, messy, silly, and to have more joy, mercy, and be more understanding. I have had to learn to be selfless (it's so hard!) and put my pride aside. I am on my knees daily asking for wisdom and guidance. Praying that God gives me the perfect balance of firmness and grace. You are my world, Blair Olivia, and I hope you have the happiest birthday yet! We can't wait to celebrate with you this weekend!


  1. Happy birthday Blair!!! Gosh it goes so fast! I have loved watching her grow and all your experiences along the way. Don't forget the extra jimmies today!!

  2. Awwww, happy birthday Blair! This past year we have started a tradition of having a family birthday the day of, and then a party for her on the weekend. I kind of love it that way because you get to enjoy it even more, rather than feeling like you never really got to sit and enjoy her on her actual birthday because you were hosting a ton of people.

  3. Aww, love that last photo of her! I hope she has a great birthday!

  4. Awww Happy Birthday Blair! It's crazy to think that it was already two years ago that she came into this world. She certainly has blossomed into such a sweet little girl. Love this!

  5. Happy Birthday Blair!! Such a beauty like her parents!

  6. Happy birthday sweet Blair!!! Have a wonderful day together :)

  7. Happy birthday Blair!! What a little sweetheart. Have a great time at her party this weekend she is going to love it!!


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