Easter Basket Goodies

Thursday, March 27, 2014

LBG inspired me to give you all a peek of what I'm planning on stuffing in Blair's Easter basket. Target was a gold mine this year and that's where I found all the sweet goodies below! I like to do a little bit of Easter bunny and a lot of Jesus. Any mamas out there trying to balance Easter out by doing something similar? Ideas are appreciated!


what basket is complete without glitter eggs?!

these eggs are almost too pretty to use in a toddler's basket (almost!)

I purchased both the glitter eggs and the plastic patterned eggs at Target. Same with the fox sippy cup (I like to buy year round items as opposed to a bunny cup) and the Peeps chapstick and books!


  1. I got the glitter eggs too!! Want them more for decor, just not sure where I'll use them, right now just lined up all lonely on the mantle. I got a Peter Rabbit book, Minnie Mouse camera, and will ptob throw in another little small toy and chocolate bunny. I'm excited for the Easter Egg hunts!!

    I'm w you on Easter not being Xmas round two, why I purposely bought the smaller baskets ha

  2. So cute!! I got Cam an Easter book...but that's it so far!! Haha. You ladies are so far ahead of me! Last year, we got him his outfit, which was pretty practical in my opinion. :) I think we will do the same this year!

  3. Very cute! We have the same PBK basket for Owen to use for egg hunting! Last year I put Tell Me About Easter Baby Blessings book from a little boutique book shop here called The Reading Bug, but I haven't seen many good one this year. It's so sad. I bought him The Little Engine That Could for his basket this year.

  4. Great finds. I just posted about what I put in Elin's basket as well and most of everything was from Target! They have so much great stuff this year.

  5. So cute! I love the glitter eggs.

  6. I am working on creating Ellie's first Easter basket! The basket she will get was the one I had growing up. I was at MOPs this week and we made "resurection eggs" it's a pretty neat idea. Also our leader made an "advent" type calendar for Easter starting on lent and ending on Easter. It seems like a nice idea. Also Courtney at "A+Life" has some great ideas!!


  7. That little fox water bottle is adorable! Where did you find it?

  8. Cute ideas! I got mine magnetic letters from PBK, bunny ears, Easter book, new salt water sandals, bath toys, and Frozen DVD.


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