Easter Attire

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Thanks for the votes of confidence with yesterday's post about the baby shower vision...and the great ideas about getting some airplane decor!

With Easter around the corner there is no shortage of cute girly dresses. I picked this one up for Blair (similar similar similar) along with this headband and these shoes. Some bunny is going to be pretty cute! ;)

From Top: ears, chambray dress, watermelon dress, espadrilles, glitter flats, pale pink dress, pink embroidered dress, eyelet dress, bunny dress, jellies, paisley dress, saltwaters

Wishing they sold these things in MY size! Don't jellies just bring you back to your childhood?! Uhhbsessed.


  1. Love them ALL, wish they came in my size too!!


  2. They are all adorable, but I especially love the embroidered dress from J.Crew! Let's be honest...I would totally wear that. ;) My daughter will only be 5 month so we're going for comfort over cuteness this year but NEXT year, bring on the frilly dresses!

  3. Yep totally wish they all came in my size! Little girls clothing is a mom's dream wardrobe!

  4. Just scooped up that adorable bunny dress for our Easter egg hunt party! Love these dresses!


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