Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Thank you, thank you for all the sweet birthday wishes for Blair! We had a low key but fun day for her yesterday. We went to Starbucks for breakfast, then had some fun at Bible study, and later enjoyed frozen yogurt and bubbles with Dada. All of her favorite things rolled into one! The rest of the week I will be scrambling to finish last minute details for her party on Saturday. I can not wait!

opening undies from a friend...the time is coming!

Starbucks run...literally. then she fell. :(

we're working on her selfie... :/

blueberry muffin for her, latte for me!

fro-yo time!

Annnnd her day was complete. :) She was SO over me taking her picture. Lately she refuses to look at the camera. It's SO annoying! I use tickling as a last resort which seems to do the trick. ;)

sweater: baby gap 2013
balloon skirt: target
jellies: old navy


  1. Such a fun day! Snd love her little outfit, and can we talk about the title of the post bc I thought it was an announcement!!!

  2. I agree with Erinn! I thought #2 meant that #2 was on his or her way! But of course it was for Blair! Sounds like she had an amazing birthday!!

  3. What a fun day and she is just a cheese!! Her skirt is so cute!



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