DIY Ikea Chalkboard

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

     There were a few super easy DIY projects I did for Blair's party. The first was to change this chalkboard base from red to something more neutral that goes with my home (and her party).

Before: start with $15 Ikea chalkboard

 2. choose some scrapbook paper that you like and measure and cut it to fit the tray

3. spray the tray with elmer's craft bond glue. this stuff is CRAZY sticky...don't say I didn't warn you!

4. then it looks almost finished. excpet your kiddo could still ruin it with stray marks

 5. paint a layer of modge podge over it so you can wipe it down later if need be

6. Go back and smooth out the bumps (you can see them in the above photo)

And voila! You have a beautiful chalkboard that blends with your home! Now I just need to decide what color I want to paint it. Maybe even dip the legs in gold or silver paint?!


  1. cute, we did this to our chalk board last year... I should probably bring it out of the basement now that Ashlynn won't use it to hang from while trying to walk like she was this time last year. Word to the wise, DONT use chalk markers on it. The only time I've ever used one and it ruined the board. Thankfully ikea is so cheap I don't really care, but man I was pissed! St. Patty's Day messages year round!! Ha!

  2. Oh this is so cute!! I have been wanting to get one of those ikea chalkboards and do a "hack" on them. I have a few chalkboards already (and did my pantry doors in chalkboard paint too! but I can always use more!!

  3. It would also look great in a glossy white with dipped gold legs! I scrapbooked the inside of the drawers in our hutch. Love the little pop of color when I open it up!

  4. Love this! IKEA is great for customizing!


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