Valentine's Re-cap

Monday, February 17, 2014

     Have you recovered from your Valentine's Day sugar high yet? Luckily we have (just barely) and are excited to share about our festivities! Erinn organized quite the Valentine exchange for us mamas and our littles and it did not disappoint! Just look at how cute these Valentines are that we received!

from Owen and Caroline/Carson

from Ashlynn and Kenley
from Harper and Ethan

from Sofia and Lex

from Arden and Hudson
from Mac
Along with Valentine's for our littles we also did a Mama Swap and gifted one Mama a little something. I got the cutest little heart shaped plate with Reeses and lip balm along with this amazing garland...swoon! Thanks Erinn!!!

 I was beyond excited to receive some hand-made garland. AND Erinn even made the center heart a bright red for easy hanging. I'm telling you...this girl's got her ish together!

it's sewed!
Along with all of these lovely Valentine's, M's parents made us a lovely pre Valentine's Day dinner complete with a lovely table display and cake by your truly!

And the day wouldn't be complete if B wasn't spoiled. So along with a couple things that I got her, Lala pulled quite a few tricks out of her bag (literally!)

Let's just say that bag-o-fun provided an afternoon of entertainment (and is still going strong). Who knew a couple of sippy cups would be such a hit?

M and I enjoyed some peace and quiet quality time on a date Friday night to a local Thai food restaurant. It felt like we were in college all over again...laughing over the silliest things and being completely goofy. Definitely need to do that more often! I have the dorky selfies to prove it...

Well if that wasn't enough red and pink for you then you can scroll back up and read this post again. ;) Hope you all had a lovely Val Day! What did you do?

PS we finished painting our oak buffet a creamy white...eeek! i love it! details tomorrow! starting on the kitchen today. things are getting serious. :)


  1. What a great V-Day! Glad you liked your gift and we loved receiving Blair's Valentine!

  2. We had so much fun with this swap! You guys are adorable!!!!

  3. Loved swapping heart cards with you two! Erinn pretty much hit it out of the park with that garland. ITS SO CUTE!! Looks like you guys had one awesome valentines day!! Pretty sure you and your husband are the cutest ever!

  4. Awwww. It looks like you guys really enjoyed the holiday! Love it!

  5. The garland is SO cute! Erinn should sell them, because I think we'd all be buying them up! What a fun little Valentine's weekend you all had :) Thank you for the Valentine for Owen!

  6. The swap was so fun! Ethan loved getting a little card from Blair! And that garland that Erinn made is beyond adorable! ;)

  7. What a great Valentine's Day weekend you guys had! That cake with the strawberries has me drooling! YUM!

  8. Such a fun V-Day you guys had! And we loved Blair's Valentine...Arden's playroom mirror is still rockin' the decals!!! :)

  9. I love all those valentines! Erinn did an awesome job on that garland, how thoughtful! I love those placemats are they handmade?

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