Sleeping Child Door Sign DIY

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

If you're a mom you know how precious nap time is. You also probably love the convenience of Amazon Prime too (don't you?). So the problem is when the two collide. Amazon is at your house once a week every day and they ring the stinking door bell EVERY TIME. Which makes the dog bark. Which wakes the kid. Which ends your sanity. Am I right?

I used to have a super ghetto-fabulous handwritten note next to our doorbell asking Amazon to drop the package and run. The ink was faded (no wonder they never obliged) and my attempt at making the sign cute with washi tape had failed miserably since the edges were all peeled up.
My ghetto sign used to be right by the door bell. I realize now I should have taken a picture of it for your amusement.

Finally this week I grabbed a tiny chalkboard at Michaels, stained the wood, and made my own sign. You can find them all over Pinterest but mine was probably cheaper. ;)

Items needed: cheap chalkboard, masking tape, wood stain.
All I did was tape off the edges, grab some old stain from previous projects in the garage and apply two coats, and "season" my chalk board. It took me like 15 minutes maybe. Oh, and obviously write my friendly message to the Amazon guy.  The chalk board was $8 full price (annoying I didn't have a coupon). But since I already had all the other materials I was okay with $8.

Friendly but to the point, right?! And might I add a bit more chic than my old 3X5 card and washi tape. Now if I could only sell enough of these to come up with the money for IVF. Let's see at $20 each I would only need to sell 2,000! Ha ha. Happy Tuesday!

Mini Golf and Fro Yo

Monday, June 29, 2015

Check out and see if you are the winner of the RAD swim giveaway HERE! It's always good to start your Monday off as a winner. ;)

Honestly, this weekend we did a whole lot of playing. We went out to dinner with friends a couple times, tried our luck at mini golfing, got M some clothes at The Rack (two of his favorite and spending money), and enjoyed some home made peach cobbler. Along with ironing while watching some Fixer Upper re-runs, it wasn't bad!

She had to have Baby in the picture.

Bike seat by iBert
Post swimming hair and ice cream...she's in her happy place. ;)
 What about you guys? Any fun weekend activities? We also want to add bowling, the fair, and the drive in to our summer bucket list. Just keeping it classy over here! ;)

Tuck & Cover Hairstyle Tutorial

Friday, June 26, 2015

Surprise! I'm not pregnant! Can you smell my annoyance from over there? I have nothing to report other than the obvious so let's move on to something more interesting shall we?

The other day I was at Sprouts and I saw the cutest mom with her hair done super pretty. I remembered my sis-in-law telling me she did her hair that way and slept in it to get curls. I liked it so much that I went home and tried it and was impressed with how decent it looked in no time at all! Plus I love that I don't have to dry or curl my hair for it to work. Take a look! #dontjudgemyroots

Start with your hair curling necessary!

Put on a headband boho style. I like ones that are slim and not too tight.

Grab a small section of hair in the front.

Twist it around the headband.

Tuck it under and pull through straight.

Voila! You have one strand set.

Now grab the next strand and repeat.

If you want you can just do this on both sides to get more of a "half up" look. This would require me to curl my ends so I didn't do that.

But I like that my hair is at least out of my face.

You could also cover the back of the head band by wrapping one piece around it all the way across. That's another day.

Eventually you will get this. Again this could be its own hair style if I curled the pony tail.

Take the rat pony tail and flip over.

Now roll and tuck, roll and tuck!

Ta da! Looks professional right? ;)

I did this outside (obvi) with no mirrors so imagine the possibilities with hair spray, mirror, etc.
Real Life: My toddler (with no pants on) fresh out of the pool wanting to be in all my pictures (but not smiling). The one time I don't want the kid in the photo she insists and has a melt down. Typical. But hey at least my hair is cute! :)

top and shorts both CAbi this season

Work it Wednesday {Summer Romper}

Thursday, June 25, 2015

For the record I know it's Thursday. Moving on...

I recently snagged this denim romper (at 40% off! and it's still marked down) and I love it! I adore a good romper, despite what M has to say about them, and am thrilled that this can be worn in cooler temps too. It's so easy to throw on and I don't have to think about what to pair with it. Here are the ways I styled it below:

For summer with pops of neon (bag, necklace, shoes).

For fall with booties (vintage target), sweater (super old), and neutral necklace.

For Winter (in Southern California) just add a sweater!

For a park date with the littles (shoes, earrings).

Annnnnd date night! (jacket: vintage CAbi, shoes: vintage JS, necklace).

Plus how cute is the adjustable back?
Are you a fan of the romper? Do your hubby's hate on it too? ;)

Wedding Fun Part II

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

On the day of the wedding we did everything we could to ensure that B would make it down the aisle (or island as she kept calling it) successfully. I came prepared with suckers, a new toy, and a plea for her to do what the beautiful bride asked.

Since Blair had already been in a wedding as a flower girl six months ago I was hoping this one would go smoothly since she knew what to expect. We have been reading books about being a flower girl and talking about her job often. I was just praying that she was okay with Baby and blankie staying with me. Turns out she wanted Baby to sit in the grass and watch her (fine with me!) as she paraded down the aisle.

When the time came M gave her the go ahead and down the aisle she came. She was taking such heaping handfuls of flowers I knew there was no way she would have enough. And as I predicted by the time she actually got on the aisle her flowers were gone. Good thing she's so darn cute so it didn't matter anyway. And as expected I shed a few tears (M did too!) because you can't help thinking about her wedding day. Plus I was just so darn proud of her! She did so great! Yay for not ruining the wedding!

My cousin looked gorgeous...we were so happy for her!
This toy was her jam during the ceremony and for the rest of the night!

She loved all the beautiful dresses and fit right in!

Blair's dress: Etsy My dress: Loft

Cousin Love!

She was such a ham all night! Everyone needed a picture with the flower girl!

When you get famous don't forget about me, Blair. ;)

She danced the night away with a little boy and they were a hit! Every time Matt asked her to dance she refused because she already had someone her size. It only gets worse from here, M! When her dance partner had to go home she had a stage 5 melt down. Oh, toddler life. A glimpse into the future. Stop growing up, Blair! We're not ready for that yet!

Wedding Recap

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Last weekend we were so busy traveling like a herd of buffalo that I'm just now recovering. My parents took all 11 of us up to Santa Rosa (one hour north of San Francisco) which included my siblings, their significant others, and my grandma. My cousin was getting married and Blair was the flower girl. We were quite a sight in the airport and ranged in age from 9 months to 93 years old! Lucky for us grandma got us to the front of each security line. Sometimes it pays to be old mature!

This is Blair's 5th or 6th time flying and it never gets old for her. This trip she chose to accessorize like a boss and turned quite a few heads...

Unfortunately we were away for Father's Day so we didn't really get to celebrate M in he cooked dinner for everyone. Whoops. We're going to try and make up for it this week!

My parents rented a beautiful home for all of us which was such a treat! We were able to walk down to the lake every day and run which was so beautiful.

I came fully prepared with a book and a toy for Blair if she preformed her flower girl duty acceptably. Nothing like a little good old fashioned bribery! If I could get her buns down the aisle without baby and blankie then I was going to consider that a success. You'll have to tune in tomorrow to see how it went. Below is us at the rehearsal and she did great! Dirty Baby sat in the grass with her "friends" as Blair calls them and watched.

The rehearsal dinner was at Ledson breathtaking!

I spy a flower girl.
We have so many photos from the weekend that I'll divy them up this week. And I'll be announcing the RAD swim winner this week too! Hope you all had a wonderful Father's Day weekend!