23 Months

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

This is the last time I will be referring to Blair's age in months! Hard to imagine she is going to turn two in a few weeks. But again I will say I just love this age so much. She is consistent beyond belief which works quite well with my type A personality. Wake/sleep time, naps, poops...all of it is right on schedule and I love it. :) Beyond the logistics though I just love the sweet girl she has blossomed into. And while believe me she has her moments of fury, (example: she whacked her friend Charlotte at the Super Bowl because C took B's shoe off) most of the time she is quite loving (and truthful! she admitted to her whack attack).

Lately she has been giving me kisses because she wants to...not because I ask. Granted most of the time this happens after I say something like, "Want to go to the park?" or "We're going to Charlotte's house." or "Let's get a donut!" (my fave). Clearly right now her love is conditional but I pray as she gets older that will change. Especially as her relationship with Jesus changes and she realizes His love for her is not conditional.

I keep saying, "It's like she's a little person!" and it's true! Her vocabulary and attentiveness keep surprising me. She's obsessed with colors, counting, people's names, shapes etc. She knows how things work around here and is very helpful when I give her a job such as picking up her toys, feeding the dog, throwing her diapers away etc. Definitely in training to be a helpful older sister one day!

Since her birthday party theme is "donuts and pajamas" I had Carrie take some pictures of her for her invitation. Here she is at 23 months in all her glory...

Can't wait to chow down on some donuts with you Blair in one month! Let the crafting begin!


  1. What an adorable high chair and loved your comment about unconditional love with Jesus!

  2. These photos are beyond adorable. Just love her!!

  3. Love these pictures! She's adorable! I'm also loving the kitchen in the background! I can't believe she's gonna be 2 already!


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