showered with love

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

As I mentioned yesterday I had the baby shower of my dreams this weekend! My best friend Carrie hosted it and did not disappoint! The girl has mad skills in party planning and I was floored by her attention to detail. I definitely took notes for all of my future mommies whose showers I plan on throwing. 

I got some incredibly adorable gifts and can't wait to show some of those off later this week. I am one blessed mama that's for sure! It was so wonderful to have 20 of my closest girlfriends around me, a handful of which flew all the way down to southern Cali from northern Cali just for me and baby B! Here we are...
the party planner herself on the far left. :)

pinwheels, adorable fabric, and a paper mache "B" (currently in her nursery), along with some personal photos

homemade cake and platter

homemade rose topiaries, and cake pops!

i love the color choice on the pom poms. and what a good idea to wrap that picture behind the table!

these were to die for

personalized water bottles for baby B

it was hard to keep me away from this mix

Blair Bear

the best of both worlds!
And here are the celebrities... 

rikki from grad school
kell and diana, roomies from college

brooke, from middle/high school

do I count? ps check out the darling wrapping!
carrie, we go back to elementary school!
It was clearly such a great day. I definitely need to upload these pictures to Pinterest asap! If you don't know what Pinterest is you are seriously missing out. Go here. Or click on my "button." Have a great Tuesday!

my top: Gap (not maternity)

Maternity Mondays: Week 30

Monday, January 30, 2012

10 more weeks to go till my due date! Which really freaks me out a little! Technically Blair will be fully cooked at 37 weeks but chances are she will be late. I feel like that is usually the case with first born children. I had a fabulous weekend with all my girlfriends being in town for my first baby shower. The shower was EXQUISITE and I can't wait to share the details with you later this week. My friend Carrie pulled out all the stops for it and worked her tail off. She should add professional party planning to her growing resume. :) Here is one shot to wet your appetite...

This weekend Blair had another photo shoot at the 3D imaging center but she was naughty again. :( She insists on facing my back which doesn't make for great shots of her face. We got a couple of marginal ones but are planning another follow up visit this Friday after dinner to see if she changes position. Here are 3 photos from last Saturday...
that spirally looking thing is the umbilical cord over her eye. :( i believe the other "thing" is her hand)

more umbilical cord but man is she still precious!

my favorite. her nose is pushed up against my uterus but how precious is her little mouth!?
Oh, and by the way she is still a girl. :) So glad nothing grew down there in the last 10 weeks since I've seen her last! She has a tiny bit of hair growing on her head but the technician said she would grow more hair in the next ten weeks. :) She said some babies are still bald at this point. Maybe she will have Matt's thick hair? Fingers crossed!

Time for this week's Awkward/Awesome...

-my BFF Diana, my grandma, and my brother's gf all getting to feel Blair kick!
-having my bests here all weekend, man I love those girls! we laughed a lot. :)
-getting the CUTEST things at my friends have great taste!

-having the technician tell everyone what she was pointing to were Blair's lips. Me saying "Awww" and then realizing she was talking about something else and saying "ohhh ewww."
-having to get on all fours during my 3D session to try to get the baby to move. Gotta do whatcha gotta do!
-my bff kelly and i trying to figure out how to work the "swaddle me." how long does it take 2 blondes to figure out the latest baby blanket...

Hope you have a great week! 

*House Update: still on the prowl but waiting for God's timing. Truly feeling content in our current home and enjoying going full speed ahead in the nursery :)

Day Four

Friday, January 27, 2012

Although we spent an entire week in Maui "Day Four" will be my final vacation post. Later in the week during our vacation M and I decided to give paddle boarding a try since the wind died down. We rented one board from a shop in Lahaina for $30 for the whole day. They were renting at the resort for $35 for an HOUR!!! I was happy with our bargain. We strapped that bad boy onto the roof of our rental car and drove down to a beach called "Launiupoku" (or as well called it, the "L" beach). It was great for paddle boarding with tiny waves however it was only 18 inches to 2 feet deep and the ocean floor was covered in coral. This was enough to keep me on my knees while boarding (my sense of balance is gone) but M was brave enough to stand up. I can't wait to try paddle boarding again minus my belly so I can stand up! 

M riding in style
learning the ropes

I caught one!

workin' hard...thighs are BURNING!
Although this wasn't our last day I do have some fun facts about the end of the trip...

1. M and I totally got our dates messed up and almost missed our flight. Oops. Lucky for us the hotel called and was like, "Um, you were supposed to check out today..." So we did the mad scramble and raced back to pack and then drive to the airport. Good times. I hope we don't forget Blair at the hospital...

2. Flying the red eye is horrible when you are NOT pregnant. It is HELLISH when you are pregnant and can't get comfortable. I may have cried a little bit because I was SO tired and just wanted to sleep and couldn't...ahhhhh hormones are so fun. I will NEVER do that again! Back pain can be brutal.

3. We successfully brought home a Christmas ornament! This is remarkable for us because when we went to Tahiti for our honeymoon we left our on the plane. Same with our trip to Alaska. Ooops. Third time's a charm!

Here's a few more random shots from our trip...

dinner at Mama's Fish House. Hands down the BEST meal I have EVER had. Macadamia nut crusted Mahi Mahi stuffed with crab and lobster. Served with a lobster tail on top, with rice pilaf, and asparagus. All surrounded by an amazing sauce. TO. DIE. FOR.


Ulua Beach in Kihei

a woman said, "I sure hope you're taking lots of pictures!" I got nervous that I wasn't and that is what inspired this last bikini shot! Little did I know we should have been back at our hotel room by now packing. Live and learn! 

I'm having one of my (4!) showers this weekend and I am beyond excited. Many of my closest girlfriends are coming to town and I just can't wait to spend quality time with them all! So so blessed. :)

Day Three

Thursday, January 26, 2012

 Day three of our Maui vacation we thought that it was going to rain in Kaanapali so we headed off to Hana for the day. Needless to say it didn't rain. Apparently weather apps can not be trusted for Hawaii's weather patterns. I had already been to Hana but Matt hadn't so we had to make the trek for him! I have to say that winding one way highways are not my cup of tea but the drive was sure beautiful. We stopped at Black sand beach, the seven sacred pools and a sugar shack so I could get my fix of banana bread. :) It was a long but well spent day.
black sand caves

black sand beach

actually its more like black "rock" beach

a cool sea cave (holy belly)

Matt and Santa (minus the beard)

seven sacred pools

my view for the last couple months

document that bump!

clearly I'm still working on my tan here...
I think if I wasn't prego Matt and I would have done the two mile hike up to the next waterfall at seven sacred pools. We love being outdoors and getting exercise but that wasn't happening during this trip. Shoot, I get winded picking something up off the floor now! ;) We did do a lot of walking though which is good for me. Next time we go to Maui I'm all for zip lining, horse back riding, surfing, and biking the volcano. Guess we will just have to go again! Such a shame... :)

Day Two

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

 The second day of our trip it was very windy so we spent our time lounging on the beach since snorkeling/paddle boarding etc. was out of the question. It was the first time I donned my belly in a bikini and here's the proof!


 For dinner that night we ate at Kimo's in Lahaina. It was absolutely delish! I had the macadamia nut crusted mahi mahi with rice pilaf and a tangy cucumber salad. I also splurged on a lava flow (virgin of course!) and felt mildly self conscious that people were wondering what the heck I was thinking.
on the board walk in Lahaina
mmmm heavenly lava flow
the view from dinner

Stay tuned the rest of the week for when we travel the road to Hana and I give paddle boarding a try (pregnancy style)!

Day One

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

 Our first day in Maui was so relaxing (minus that 6 hour plane flight). We arrived at our hotel and then went for a long walk on the beach. While we waited for dinner at Leilani's on the Kaanapali beach I browsed some shops (and found the cutest babi-kini! that I will show you later this week). I enjoyed some fish tacos for dinner followed by the famous "hula pie!"

takin' a walk


room shot 1

room shot that bed was huge and glorious!

our bathroom

view from the room

me and my winter glory
breakfast the next morning au natural!
Stay tuned for our following adventures in Maui!