Kemaily Minky Blankies

Thursday, March 31, 2016

I've been gathering items I love for the boys and was so happy when Kemaily offered to send us some darling minky blankies. I swear this time around I'm really going to push decent looking blankets on the boys so that we avoid a cut up sleep sack as a lovey (Blair's "blanket" is so gross).

Kemaily offers a huge selection of cozy blankets that would complement any nursery. Blair loves rubbing her nose on her blankie and the minky fabric on these loveys will be perfect for the boys to do the same. :)

Kemaily also offers hair pretties, bow ties, binky minkys, and burp cloths. Make sure you sign up for their emails to get 10% off! Also, check out their facebook page for deals. A big thank you for our blankets...I just can't wait to snuggle the twins up in these!

17 weeks

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Every week that passes I am so grateful! Things have been going well, despite a cold I got, and I couldn't be happier.

I thought it would be fun to go back and peek at how big I was with Blair at 17 weeks...

First of all my chalkboard is hilarious and pathetic and second of all I'm WAY bigger than that now! Agh!

It's been really fun feeling the babies more lately. Apparently I don't sit down enough to enjoy or notice it though because that's the only time I feel it. They usually get excited after I eat...boys after my own heart! I can't wait till Blair and M can feel them. She tries to every day. :) Oh, and lately she's been telling people that she has twin girls in her tummy. Yesterday she lifted up her shirt and said, "Feel my babies kicking!" She kills me. I've been loving our time together lately and I'm soaking it up before life gets crazy.

Next week B and I are headed to the beach with my Mom for some spring break action. I'm hoping our days consist of walks, pool time, and nap time. :)

Easter Re-cap

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

I hope you all had a great Easter weekend! We had a great weekend filled with egg hunting, jellybean eating, and family time.

On Saturday we went to a local shopping center to check out their egg hunt (which was over in 20 seconds) and some fun crafts they had. Waiting in line to see the Easter bunny there was a joke (with a 2+ hour wait) but we were ok with that since we knew we would see him on Sunday. Blair enjoyed the egg hunt and did a cute craft but after that we headed over to a sandwich shop with friends for lunch.

Mommy Fail: forgetting her Easter basket

Post fountain pic. ;)
On Sunday we had brunch with M's family and then after B's nap we headed to my brother's house.

My dress: Lularoe, Blair: Target
M and I got to practice with my brother's twins Sunday afternoon. They are SO precious! Feeding them is quite a job but the snuggles are so worth it!

Cousins first cuddle! :)
I hope you had an enjoyable Easter too!

Curious Chef in the Kitchen

Monday, March 28, 2016

Over the weekend Blair helped us prep for Easter dinner with her cooking kit courtesy of Curious Chef. She helps M prep meals regularly and was thrilled to have her own personal set of real kitchen tools. Having her help in the kitchen gives her something to do and teaches her about healthy eating and food prep. Win-win-win!

We worked together to make a fruit salad and then sliced up some cucumber so she could dip it in ranch dressing (any excuse) and I could have a refreshing drink!

The first thing we did was wash our fruits and veggies with the Curious Chef scrubber.

We used the apple cutter to slice up our apples.

Next, Blair used the knife to chop the apples into smaller pieces. She looks like such an adults here cutting her own food!

We used the melon baller to scoop out some watermelon.

And eat some...

Stirring up the salad!

Then we used the veggie peeler to shave the cucumber. 

Back at it again (with the white Vans!) with the knife!

Down the hatch the cucumbers went...anything is possible with ranch dressing. ;)
Mommy enjoyed a refreshing drink after all her hard work! :)
 We loved our Curious Chef kit and look forward to continuing to use it with Blair. Curious Chef has a ton of cute and useful tools on their sure to check them out for your little one or great gift ideas! They even sell on Amazon!

Easter Egg Fun

Friday, March 25, 2016

Yesterday we finally dyed Easter eggs and I thought Blair was going to explode from excitement. We went with the classic Dudley Easter egg kit and she was pretty stoked.

She ate THREE hard boiled eggs (who knew?!) and loved adding pepper to them. Works for me!

We got really fancy and wore our pjs for the occasion. ;) Hers are far cuter than mine, hence the lack of pictures of myself. Today we plan on doing a little "resurrection egg" activity to emphasize the real meaning of Easter. She's been loving reading the Easter story out of her Bible every night which is so sweet. Tomorrow we are going to an Easter extravaganza at our local shopping plaza. They have some sort of egg hunt, pictures with the rabbit himself, and other activities. Should be lots of fun! On Sunday we will celebrate with family. I hope you enjoy your Easter weekend. He is risen!

Magnolia Market Loot

Thursday, March 24, 2016

I thought I would share a few of the lovelies I found at Magnolia Market with you. I haven't taken a picture of quite everything yet but every time I glance at one of my "Joanna" purchases I smile. I like reliving the memories I had with my Mom and I also like her stuff. ;)

Little baby wreaths and format pots for my MM scale.

Antique photo holder with hymn cards instead. I love that I can switch them out! And yes every hour I need Him!

Cotton! A different take on "flowers in a vase." Do you spy my MM wreath?

Joanna's signature scent.
At $35 I nabbed this down filled pillow for the nursery. It's super similar to the one I posted on my mood board.
I added a little flair to Blair's bathroom too that I'll have to tack onto this post once the light gets good in there. Have you ever shopped at Magnolia Market?

DIY Geometric Nursery Shelves

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

M and I have been burning Pinterest up checking out ideas for the boy's nursery. He found some shelves that were made out of geometric shapes that we both loved. Lo and behold while my Mom and I were in Texas at Harp Design Co. we saw identical shelves in his shop! They were upwards of $45 a shelf and definitely wouldn't fit in my carry on.

When I got home I showed M the pictures and in his words, "Easy. I can make that."

He wasn't lying and busted two out on a Sunday afternoon. Each shelf only cost $6! I just LOVE how they turned out. I'm contemplating a light stain to show off the white interior paint a little more but haven't made a final decision.

gold ox and succulents from Target, cactus post cards, books from babylit, candle from spice village

The shelves will eventually go on the walls and this isn't exactly how I plan to style them (but it's cute for now!). I am eagerly awaiting a few more in varying sizes from my carpenter. ;)

Easter Basket Goodies

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Whenever Easter is in March it seriously creeps up on me! We haven't dyed eggs yet and I hadn't gotten B anything for her basket until I remembered a secret stash of goodies I bought for her at a consignment sale. Bingo! Her Easter basket is now full. ;) Regardless, I rounded up some of my favorite items that you probably definitely can't find at consignment sales. I'm dying to get her one of the Candy Kirby ballerina dolls but I can't justify the price. They went on sale for like 2 minutes until they sold out. :( Next time!

pjs: gap
doll: candy kirby
dress: target
socks: gap
doll wrap: solly baby
bunny ears: jcrew
unicorn easter basket: pottery barn kids (on sale!)
swim suit: gap
jellies: old navy

And by the way have you seen THESE fun books?! All my friends have them and they use them for their kids when they are out to dinner. SO smart and entertaining! They would be great Easter basket fillers! They even have a Bible story one for Easter. :)

13, 14, 15 weeks

Friday, March 18, 2016

I'm definitely a smidge behind on pregnancy updates but not much has changed in a couple weeks! Tomorrow I will be 16 weeks (yay 4 months!)

13 weeks

The day after we found out that we were having twin boys I decided to snag two blue balloons from Blair's birthday party decor and snap a picture.

14 weeks
Then this last week we were in Texas so this picture had to suffice. :)

15 weeks
I had a great doctor's appointment this week and everything looks good! Since I check on the babies daily with my doppler I knew there was at least one still in there but it was nice seeing both babies' hearts beating on the sonogram. Twin B is resting on top of Twin A and all is well in there.

I've gained about 11 pounds but the doctor said that's fine. He's allowing me 40 total. I'm nervous I'm going to go over. Walking for exercise just isn't quite the same as my crazy boot camps I was doing...

I don't have any wild cravings but I sure do have aversions just like I did with Blair. Meat is hit or miss with me as are veggies. I'm getting better tolerating them though! Sweets aren't my thing (so NOT like me!) which I guess is a good thing. I just don't crave them like I normally do.

I'm still getting occasional mild headaches but it could be worse! No nausea for the win! I'm still taking it super easy and I'm sure I will continue to do so.

Blair said to me this week, "Mom, when are you going to have girl babies in your tummy?" When I told her I wasn't going to she said, "But, Mom, God could change them into girls?!" I laughed and said while that was true I didn't think he was going to do that. She continued by asking me how the doctors knew they were boys. I told her that boys and girls have different body parts and then she said, "Oh yeah! When the doctor looks at boy babies he sees blue and with girl babies he sees pink!"

And that, my friends, is where the conversation ended with a very solid "Yup!" from me. ;)