Stripes and Floral

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

     Since you, lovely readers, gave me such great feedback last week with my LGD I thought I would throw out another mix of outfits. This time I focused on two things: my new floral skinnies (thanks mom!) and a striped tee (similar).
     Mixing patterns, especially floral and stripes is IN! And I think it's pretty cute.
     The jeans were on mega-sale last week for $15. Winning! Although they have a really low rise which isn't super friendly to my mom pooch. Moms, you know what I mean. I just make sure my shirt is a bit on the long side. For $15 I'm ok with that.

{SPORTY} aka "mom wear"


{SEXY} (?) yes that's a question


Which look are YOU!?! FYI I bought a size 6. I'm 5'4 128.

Oh, and Blair requested that I take of picture of her in her shoes...

and this is the face she gives me...cheeeeeeeeese! i see some pretty awesome preschool pictures in the near future...

her dress: on sale now!
her sweater: similar
her shoes: on sale now!


  1. OMG LOVE HER SHOES!!! So cute! And hello toothpicks for legs, if that's not mirror illusion I'm sending you some cupcakes in the mail :)

    1. bahaha at first i thought you were talking about blair's legs and i was like ummmm she still has thigh rolls?! and yup 100% mirror illusion. let's just say that is my magic skinny rests at an angle which makes for flattering pics. no cupcakes needed! ;)

  2. You and Blair are the CUTEST! I love all the outfits, but I think with Spring coming I like the "feminine" one the best. The pop of color + all the prints is so fun! You've inspired me to try something new today, as opposed to my usual attire of sweats and t-shirt!

    1. glad to inspire! now if i could just get out of my sweats today... ;)

  3. Blair is so adorable!!!! I'm loving the feminine and cozy looks!

  4. I love the feminine look with the bright colors & the leather jacket? Definitely sexy in a cute sort of way :)

  5. I am loving stripes and floral right now so I think I should invest while the trend is still hot instead of waiting until the middle of summer. Thanks for the push to get me some!!

    Blair is adorable. I love her curls and that she cheeses so well for the camera!!

  6. My favorite is the feminine! Love the pop of color! And Blair is too cute! I love that she asks you to take her picture! I wonder if boys do that too or just little girls :)


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