Girl Time

Monday, February 10, 2014

     This weekend B and I had a lot of girl time. Dada was on a mission trip in Chile re-building homes and churches in an area that was hit by a tsunami in 2010. We are happy to have him home after being party girls for a week. :) It turns out I never want to be a single mom, no surprise there. It's hard! (Mega props to those of you who are!) But I also have to say that God's mercies were new every day and B was seriously so well behaved and slept like a champ. I'm talking napping 3 hours a day and sleeping 12-13 hours a night. Woah.

     My friend who stayed with me was the ultimate (prego!) house guest who made her bed every day and even did dishes (as I hang my head in shame). PLUS she crafted with me in prep for Blair's 2nd birthday. Winning! Maybe I'm just a tad bit sad to see her go back home...

 With that said the only shots I got this weekend were of B sporting her new jacket (that I tried to buy in XXL girls for me. didn't quite fit the bust. nuts.).


  1. How fun to have your friend stay while Matt was away. Sounds like a great time to me! And of course, Blair is the cutest in her new jacket!

  2. Such a cute jacket! It matches her pretty blue eyes! A whole week with out Daddy must have been difficult even with a great little sleeper!

  3. Gosh her eyes are just so pretty! I am loving Gap's new Paddington Bear line it's so cute (although I know that jacket is not from it)

  4. Love her baby blues!!! I bet you are so excited to have the Mr. back, isn't that one of the best feelings, having your family whole again!? <3

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