Valentine Breakfast

Thursday, February 13, 2014

I love days when we have nowhere to be in the morning. Yesterday was one of those days and B and I celebrated with some festive pancakes outside on our patio. They were healthy AND delicious! Buckwheat pancake mix with egg, honey and a smidge of oil along with some organic syrup and organic strawberries. I'm on a whole foods health kick lately and I'll have to share details with you soon. Let's just say I watched Food Inc. and got real scared...

Hopefully I posted this early enough so you can whip up your own festive breakfast too!

i sprayed a cookie cutter with Pam to get perfect pancakes!

clearly there was a learning curve with the pancakes for me...
lately she REFUSES to look at the camera when asked

"dip" is her absolute favorite...and a launderers nightmare...

she's pretty please with the result

wholesome goodness!
These little moments make being a SAHM so much fun. :)


  1. So fun, she's definitely looked pleased!!! Jealous of your weather for sure. :)

  2. So cute! I tried giving Noah syrup once and he wasn't in to it, wouldn't even try it. I'm so jealous you are eating a valentines breakfast outside! We are currently getting hit with another snow storm!

  3. Aw, how lovely! I'm jealous that the weather down there is nice enough to at breakfast outside. We're up in the bay area and it is way too cold at breakfast to be out there eating. I think we probably have the same WF Buckwheat pancake mix! Its actually really good!!

  4. Love mornings where you can just spend time together and enjoy the little things! xo

  5. What a cute breakfast idea! I always think how nice it would be to do themed holiday breakfasts, but the inspiration never actually strikes me in the morning when all I'm thinking about is coffee. And I'm with you on the whole foods kick. The Subway yoga-mat bread is what spurred it for me.

  6. Wish I could enjoy these moments more often but unfortunately they only happen on weekends for me. So much fun eating pancakes on the patio though! And where did you get that heart cup for momma? Love it!


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