Palm Springs Trip

Monday, February 24, 2014

We had a great weekend away from home in Palm Springs. My parents and we attended a wedding of a dear friend of mine while B stayed home with M's parents. It was so relaxing knowing she was in good hands.

In other news I felt realllllly old at the my dress was not short or tight enough compared to the rest of the crowd. And then I had wine instead of a cocktail. I kind of just wanted to sit and watch everyone too. But I'm thinking maybe this is a good thing since I am (almost) 30. And a mom. We still dominated the cake and photo booth and that says something! To be honest I kinda like that I didn't have to impress anyone with my crazy dance moves (trust me they're good) and sky high stilettos. Also I actually wanted to hang with my parents. This girl is getting old. Or wise. You decide. ;)

M's face! I die.
how beautiful is the bride?!
how cute are my parents?! Mom borrowed my shrug...adorbs

It was a great weekend! And to top it off that morning we found out my brother and his wife are having a BOY!!!!! Blair's first cousin will be a BOY! So much fun we can't even wait!


  1. You look great! And omg those cakes are insane. Hear ya on being old snd boring, I sometimes choose cocoa over wine at night (hangs head in shame)

  2. You look beautiful!!! And I know that old feeling all too well. I'm almost 30 too, plus at home we're running around all of the time take care of kid(s) and it's nice to sit back, relax and enjoy the moment of no work!
    That looks like such a beautiful wedding and those cakes -- YUM!

  3. That wedding looked GORGEOUS! you looked so pretty and it looks like you had fun. I love it!

  4. Looks like a beautiful wedding! You two are so cute. Where is your dress from, I love it!

  5. First of look great! And I agree, your dress is fabulous! And that wedding was beyond gorgeous. Also, how exciting that your brother and sister-in-law are pregnant with a boy!! Very fun!!

  6. I love your dress! I can relate to feeling old now too! I wonder if that's just what happens when you have a kid or because we are approaching 30. Either way you looked great :)

  7. What a fun wedding! I love your dress!

  8. So fun! Those cakes look ah-mazing!!


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