It's the Little Things: Daddy

Wednesday, February 12, 2014 M coming home from a 7 day trip in Chile with our church...

now you see where her curly hair comes from...

lovin' some daddy time
Mama was lovin' some daddy time too! A week is a long time to be away from the hubs and we're SO glad he's home. Plus my honey-do list was getting really long. ;)


  1. Thanks for linking up with us, love her curls just like dada!!!!! :)

  2. It's always nice when daddy comes home!

  3. She's so his mini, but I've been seeing a ton you in her expressions lately. Must be so nice that he's back, I hate when P travels and I give so much credit to military wives!!

  4. It's hard when the hubby is gone. I'm sure you're glad to have him back...and home you take some "me" time.


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