Bumper & Blanket

Thursday, February 27, 2014

     I've been meaning to show you the cute baby doll blanket that B's Gramma made. When she sewed B a new bumper she used the extra fabric to make a mini blanket to match...genius! Blair loves all things regarding baby doll care so this was a win. Thanks Gramma!

notice the strategic "i love gramma" backing ;)

i just can't wait for this girl to be a sister one day! hopefully soon...
Also today for the first time Blair said, "Bless You!" to me after I sneezed. SO cute! She's also really into having her back and arms tickled so while I was taking these pictures she was making her stuffed kitty "tickle" my back. Melt. My. Heart.


  1. So cute!!!! That will always be so special!!!!! :)


  2. Love it! And so smart of her to put the I love grandma fabric on there! It's projects like this that make me want to learn how to sew!!!

  3. That is adorable! She looks so cute with her doll.

  4. This is so sweet! What a great and crafty grandma. I love how little girls go through their mommy phase it's so sweet!



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