Happy Belated New Year!

Monday, January 29, 2018

Soooooo I'm realizing it's almost February and I never really posted on the new year! Even though it's over and done with (and most people are neck deep in Valentine's Day) I wanted to post about it since this is my digital journal/scrapbook. :)

For us NYE was staying at home in our pj's with good friends, eating good food, and playing a game while watching the ball drop. Since the twins came along our NYE adventures are a bit lame toned down (and I'm okay with that!). It's a season! This year I busted out some old decorations and got fancy with Blair for fun before the festivities began and my pajamas came out. ;)

Cal was around but to be quite honest he doesn't enjoy dressing up as much as the girls. ;) Happy belated New Year!

Valentine's Day with Minted

Friday, January 26, 2018

Valentine's Day is coming fast and I just about died when I saw all the cute options that Minted had for classroom Valentines! I let Blair choose from a wide variety of mermaids, unicorns, and sweet treats. She's really into unicorns lately so she ended up picking that one. My absolute favorite part is that her cute little mug is on the back of her card...I can't! Check them out...

Right now Minted is having a sale on classroom Valentines. You can get 24 matching stickers for free with orders of $20 or more with code: STICKERS18

You can also get 20% off all foil Valentine cards and gifts and 15% off non-foil cards and gifts with code: BEMINE18

ErgoPouch Sleep Sack Review

Monday, January 15, 2018

I've been a fan of sleep sacks since Blair was a baby. Her blankie, that she still loves, is actually her old sleep sack from when she was a baby. We use sleep sacks for the twins every night as well because I like knowing they can't kick it off and then end up cold...especially in these winter months!

ErgoPouch sent us some sleep sacks and I love them! They are super thick, like a down blanket, which is great because then I don't need to run the heat at night. The ErgoPouch is made of natural materials including organic cotton, bamboo, and merino. They even have footed sleep sacks so baby can be bundled up in the stroller...a great idea for our Disneyland trips!

Every night before bed we zip the kiddos up in their sleep sacks and read them their bed time story. I love cuddling them while they are so mellow. It's such a special time that I'll treasure forever! 

Gettin' Clean for the New Year with Babo Botanicals

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Ever since I battled unexplained secondary infertility I've been much more cautious about the products I use on the kids. I do try to be aware of what I use on my own body but I'm especially careful about what I put on the kids because I want to preserve their fertility and of course a healthy, less toxic lifestyle in general.

I use an app called "think dirty" that rates the toxicity of household products on a scale of 1 to 10. Products that score a 3 or less are "safe" and are products I buy for our home. Babo Botanical is a company that uses natural, clean ingredients and work like a charm! I love how conscious they are about using safe ingredients, especially on pregnant women and babies.

Blair's skin has been crazy dry this winter so every night before bed she lotions up her body. Her hands seem to suffer the most from dryness (probably from me making her wash them all the time to avoid germs) so we take extra care to lotion them throughout the day.

I've tried a lot of Babo Botanicals products and so far have loved them all. I use the swim and sport shampoo for Blair since she's in the pool a lot and I use the calming baby lotion for both her and the twins after their bath. The diaper cream is thick and works wonders for the twins and occasionally I even use it for Blair when she gets a rash. I also use the rose conditioner for Blair's curly hair and it does a great job keeping her hair shiny and detangled.

Airplane Survival Kit

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Over the weekend I flew with Cal to visit a friend in northern California. We were on our way to celebrate my best friend's son's first birthday so I took Cal (he flies free!) and the two of us enjoyed some one-on-one time!

We took a one hour flight to San Jose and I made sure to pack a few things that would make his flight (and my life) easier. Below is a list of the things that kept us both happy!

1. Snacks (pack a variety)
- On the way there I grabbed a bean and cheese burrito from Del Taco and it was possibly the best decision I've had in a while haha. He waved that thing around and gnawed on it the whole flight!

2. Books
-His favorite are Little Blue Truck, Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site, Where do Diggers Sleep at Night?, and anything Bizzy Bear.

3. Blankie/Lovey
A blankie or lovey for cuddling.

4. Small Toys
I brought him a few of his favorite die cast cars so he could zoom them on the fold down table.

Happy 1st birthday, Kai! 
Happy Camper!

I can't wait for these two boys to grow up together! I'm already excited for the camping and hiking their dads will take them on. So great to have good friends!