Thursday, April 30, 2015

Hooray! It's my 30th 31st birthday! So I'm taking a blogging day off (since it should be a national holiday anyway. duh) and for sure having a donut. We're getting crazy over here. ;) 

Mother's Day Must Haves

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Mother's Day is creeping up quickly so I thought I would give you some great gift ideas for mom! And by gift ideas I mean all the things that I am loving right now. ;)

What are some things that YOU are hoping to get for Mother's Day? And by that I mean what am I missing from my list of wants needs? ;) Happy Wednesday!

Birthday Boat Ride

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Last weekend we celebrated my birthday early with some friends. We went to Newport Beach and rented a couple of duffy boats and brought along some wine and cheese. The weather was super crummy but ended up being beautiful!

We capped the night off with dinner at Bear Flag and then headed up to play games and hang out. Our original plan of a bonfire got nixed with the crazy winds that were howling that day, but we still had a great time at home. Plus we got Taco Bell for 4th meal and you just really can't beat that!

Our trusty captain, Kelly. :)

Hard to tell but there was a wedding taking place on the dock!
We may have come thisclose to crashing the duffy a few times but the important thing is we didn't. ;) That with some birthday dance moves kept us laughing the whole way. Thanks to all my sweet friends who joined me...it really was a great birthday! Oh, and how perfect was the Lilly Pulitzer release timing? Right on time for all my b-day gifts! Winning!

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Freshly Picked Warehouse Sale Recap

Monday, April 27, 2015

 Hey babes! I hope your weekend treated you nicely...mine sure did! If you follow me on Instagram (@natyouraveragegirl) then you know that I made it out to the Freshly Picked warehouse sale! And let me just tell you it was so awesome! If you have never been to one and are curious about just how good the sale is, what time to arrive, what was available etc. I've got all your answers covered here. :)

Here we go!

I live 45 minute away from Lake Forest (Orange County), where the sale was held, so I left my house at 7am and the sale began at 10am. So if you do the math I waited in line about 2 hours and 15 minutes. When I arrived there were about 30 people ahead of me in line. All fresh faced (read: no make-up) and sipping on their Starbucks coffees. I eagerly joined them with my chai tea latte.

I thought the wait would be long/boring/agonizing but it was the opposite! I had fun chatting with the other girls in line and watching the line grow as time progressed. We talked about life with kids, infertility, and moccs of course! I was even encouraged by one mama who also struggled with infertility. Funny how God meets you anywhere/everywhere (even at a moccasin sale!)!
 By 10 am there were over 1,000 people in line! Say, WHAT?! I would definitely recommend getting there 1.5 to 2 hours ahead of opening which is what Susan herself told me to do. :)

The line at 7:45 am.

The line at 10:30 when I left...all the way down the street!
While we were in line the Freshly Picked team made sure we knew all the rules:
1. No kids
2. No purses
3. Cash OR credit card accepted (originally it was only cash so this was a welcome surprise!)
4. 10 minutes to shop
5. No limit to how many you could buy

We were all very curious to what the mark downs would be and they ended up posting them along with the rules...

sizes 0-6: $35 a pair
sizes 7-10: $30 a pair
That's 50% off of their retail value! 
They did not have any bags, clothing, etc. (bummer!)

The Warehouse!

So basically the bigger the size the less desirable the mocc, which was awesome for my size 6 kiddo since I bought mostly sizes she could grow into.

When 10 am hit they let the first 70 people who were in line get first dibs (that was me!) I was confident that there would be plenty of moccs to choose from so instead of frantically running to the boxes of moccs I ran over to Susan, the Mom who started the company, and introduced myself and snagged a picture with her. She was super sweet and I was definitely star struck!

Here is what was inside...
Lots of bitty moccs in sizes 1-3. The higher up you went in size the less availability there was. For the bigger sizes they had a lot of neutral colors like greys, browns, and blues. I felt like they were heavy on boy colors but I managed to find a girly pair in each size for B. In the smaller sizes they had all sorts of colors and patterns. The really cool thing was that some of the moccs were "test" pairs and had never been released to the public! They had leopard, neon orange, blue snakeskin, floral prints, and lots of other colors I had never seen. Truly one of a kind! And while I didn't see any of those in Blair's size, they were very fun. They didn't have any of the newer or super popular colors like the American flag ones, the new tropics line, or many neon ones. Here's my stash!

Top ones for Blair, bottom for her friend and bitty ones for our next baby...whenever that happens! I know, I plan ahead a bit much...

Once our ten minutes were up they ushered everyone over to the line where we purchased our moccs and were on our way. When I left the warehouse all eyes were on me and I did tell a few eager ladies what to expect, which they were grateful for.

Overall it was a great experience and I would DEFINITELY do it again. And while I was bummed none of my friends could make it, I enjoyed meeting new mama friends!

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The Perfect Cami

Friday, April 24, 2015

Okay ladies I have the perfect summer cami for you! After seeing this cami on one of my besties and her friend I decided to go for it. I ordered two camis because it was buy one get one 50% off AND because they are reversible! It's like getting 4 shirts for the price of 2...winning! Here's how I styled them and what they look like on a real person (aka not a 6 foot 100lb. model). I purchased white/white (in case I spill on one side, I get a second chance on the other) and grey/black.

heandband: Anthro, shorts: CAbi, shoes: Target

Looks great layered

Longer in the back to give you some booty coverage.

Dress it down with distressed denim for summer.

Or wear it with your favorite new Lilly Pulitzer shorts! :)

Chic under a statement jacket for winter.

And here's the grey.

The back is really cute too!

Casual under a sweater for fall/winter.

Cute with more Lilly Pulitzer shorts. ;)
 There you have it, girls! It's the top that keeps on giving. :) I just know that I will be wearing these all the time since they are so comfortable and fit so well. They come in lots of pretty fun spring/summer colors too! And for reference I got a size small. I'm 5'4 and 125 on a good day. ;)

This weekend we are celebrating my birthday early by renting some duffy boats and going on a sunset ride with wine and cheese. Afterwards we're headed to Bear Flag for a simple dinner then it's bonfire time in Huntington. I'm so excited to hang with our friends without kids! What are you guys up to this weekend?

Eccentric Emporium Donut Giveaway

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Blair can sure throw a mean tea party and I was lucky enough to attend one recently. I brought the milk and coffee and she served us some donuts from Eccentric Emporium. These are the cutest donuts around! I bought them for B because her other Styrofoam donuts kept getting bites taken out of them from her little baby friends who come over to play. :) These are crocheted and perfect for her younger tea party guests.

Hello bed head!

And then she dressed herself like this...Karen, I can't thank you enough for passing this old dance costume down to us! ;)
 And the winner is BROOKE HARTSOCK! Thanks to all of those who entered!

Guess what?! One of YOU will be the lucky winner of a set of these donuts from Eccentric Emporium! All you have to do is enter below. Good luck!

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Autumn Designs and Co. Giveaway

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Happy Wednesday! A few new prints are in the shop and I'm giving away one of these prints (your choice) for FREE! These can be used in any kiddos bedroom and would be a great addition to a gallery wall!

The lucky winner of the giveaway is ASHLEY BOOTH! Congratulations! Thanks to all who entered. :)
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Pasadena Wedding

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Over the weekend I helped a friend of mine, who is a bomb florist, set up for a wedding in Pasadena. The wedding venue had an eclectic vibe with mint walls, bright velvet 60's style chairs, and Parisian rugs. The theme of the wedding was "nerdy geometric" so there were beakers used as flower vases, wooden dinosaurs next to the cake, and gold geometric shapes hanging from the ceiling of the dance floor. It might sound a little odd but it really did look cool! Take a look!

These terrariums hung in the tree as part of their back drop during the ceremony. I now need them in my backyard. :)

 Doesn't this place have a cool vibe? It reminds me of Palm Springs a bit, right? And how remarkable were the flowers by my friend Lynnea? The little light bulbs, beakers, and vials add just the right touch. 

I'll have you know that we did not hit up Chick Fil A once but twice. Yup, that's how we roll. Gotta reward a job well done! :)

Lilly Pulitzer for Target

Monday, April 20, 2015

What were you doing on Sunday morning at 8am? If you were smart you were standing in line to get into Target to get your hands on the new Lilly Pulitzer line for Target. I can't say that I was that forward thinking but I did make a point to get up and get out the door to my nearest Target. I got there about an hour after they opened and was able to snag a few things but so much was already gone! Lesson learned.

 I'm going to show you some of my favorite things from the line and the things I was lucky enough to snatch up!

I was gaga over all this stuff but ended up with the white beach blanket.
I missed out on the shoes/bag/hat but snagged up the rest of these clothing items...adorable!

I rest my case. Romper and head band both by LP. (head band is adult...she's got a big knoggin).

I snagged the top row items along with the iphone case. But the other pieces are SO cute too!

Annnnd I bought everything you see here because hello these are awesome gifts! One for me, one for you. :) I couldn't have planned this better with my birthday coming at the end of the month!
That's a wrap! Maybe if you are lucky your Target still has some of these great items? Hurry over there because they won't last long. Did you guys snag anything amazing? Tell me!