Playroom Curtains

Thursday, February 6, 2014

     Since we took down the patterned curtains in the kitchen I've been looking for a way to use them somewhere else in the house. Our playroom has a naked window and could use some pizazz so I decided to hang them in there. We ran into a couple of problems one being that the center bracket was missing (probably from our move) which makes for a droopy curtain rod. We also have yet to agree on keeping the wooden blinds up or down. I say down. M says up so we can close them and protect the furniture from the sun. That's what the curtains are for, right?! C'mon help me out here, friends!


after (chalkboard relocated to kitchen)

What do you think?  Remove the blinds right? ;) I think the curtains make the window and room look bigger. I also like that the room now has some blue in it as it is the accent color for the rest of our house. And because I can't help myself...

Yesterday I decided to stop by Starbucks to get a skinny vanilla latte and B a slice of coffeecake. It was last minute but turned out to be the best idea! She was so content eating her treat and hanging out while I sipped my coffee. It was so relaxing to be outside and just enjoying her. I love you to the moon sweet girl!

sweater: discontinued baby gap
shirt: here
pants: here
shoes: here
all purchased on sale of course ;)


  1. I really like the curtains in there! They pull the room together and make it look really decorated, you know? It's amazing how small changes / additions can do that! We had a mommy son coffee date yesterday and it was amazing too :) He had a cake pop and was so happy with it that we ventured into World Market too!

  2. Love the way you used the expedit shelving for all those books. Quite a cozy playroom!

  3. B is so darn cute! Love that she was a little angel at coffee. And I'm loving the new curtains. It really helps make the space feel cozy!

  4. I'm such a big supporter or drapes, they make the biggest difference in a room! Looks good, and I have no problem w blinds, we usually have both - blinds for function,curtains for style.

  5. love, looks great!!! i want that book/storage unit!


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