{ Valentine} Cake in a Jar

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Copying is the best form of flattery, right? I've said this a million times...I'm really good at copying ideas, and not so good at coming up with my own. Hence this Valentine's Day treat tutorial. The O.G. was Cassie over at Hi, Sugarplum. :) Thanks for the inspiration! We made these treats for Blair's teachers at her Bible study class since she's not in pre-school yet. We also had enough left over for Dada and B herself. :)

frosting in a bag makes for a prettier jar

add sprinkles on top

thanks Erinn for the new plate!

I used a stamp from the $1 bin at Michaels on top

I re-purposed my twine from Christmas to tie the spoons

this short jar was perfect for my shortcake :)

"how do you open this thing?"

"but, seriously, how?"




These treats were easy to make but putting the whole thing together did take a couple hours from start to finish. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial as much as Blair did! ;) Happy early Valentine's Day! It's not too late to make your own!


  1. She is too cute! Love this idea! I might have to "copy" it too! :)


  2. these need to get in my belly ASAP.

  3. SO cute!! I love them! Great for dropping off at a friends house or something as a surprise treat!

  4. So cute, and not just because they are displayed on a cute plate :p

    Such a good idea to make for B's teachers, I bet they loved them. And I love anything that starts from a box. (FYI, you're Valentine didn't take quite as long to arrive as your Xmas did) ;)

  5. Oh this looks SOO yummy! Love that B is gobbling it right up!

  6. I made these two years ago for Valentine's Day. Such a yummy treat!

  7. These are adorable!!! Love them, great job!!!


  8. So cute! What is the short stack toy?

  9. so so cute!! I love how you wrapped the lid in washi tape, too!

  10. LOVE THIS idea! I may need to steal it from you too! ;)


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