Birthday list addendum

Thursday, February 28, 2013

There's a few more things that I have spied lately and want to add to Blair's original birthday list.

{Slo-mo ball}
These balls are so fun and easy to catch. Blair loved them at the birthday party she went to last week. They are really squishy and super entertaining!

We went to a friends house a couple weeks ago and she had a swing hooked up to her patio cover. Since we have the same patio cover I thought it would be a great addition to our house for B. She loves going to the park to swing and this is a lot closer. ;)

{Hair clips}



B has so much hair now and her hair is always in her eyes now so clips have been ideal. Her head bands are cute but aren't quite getting the job done. How cute are the glitter clips and chevron prints? Oh and the last set may be coming to my hair tie collection soon. :)

Gallery wall

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I finally got around to (almost) finishing Blair's gallery wall. I love how it has turned out and am so excited to show it to you guys! One of the things I like most about the items I chose for the wall is that they all come from such different places. The mirror was my grandmas, the dress print was from Homegoods, the patterned canvases and white frames were from target, and the God print was from jandpaper via etsy. So many great finds! See for yourself...

*swim suit baby gap (last year) 

Best/Worst Oscars

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I couldn't override Motherhood Monday's so here I am talking about the Oscars a day late and a dollar short. And let's be real, I'm only talking about the fashion of the night not the actual movies (do people watch those? jk.). Here are some of my faves...

form fitting and! although she was awkward on stage.
soft gray with a sweetheart neckline...beautiful!

although im not a pixie cut girl she rocks it. stunning gown.

lovely detail

on the fence about this one. remind me of a wedding dress cut from curtains but she looks pretty.

i swear this woman does not age!

i always love reese. pretty color on her. 
And the worst (in my humble opinion)...

i like anne but i don't like how her dress matches her skin tone. it reminds me of a bridesmaid dress no matter how sexy the back was...

again, not a fan of the dress matching the skin

this was just boring to me

this girl was a train wreck. from the limping to the blood shot eyes...yikes.

this is just not a good picture of jen. besides the color this dress is too plain.

this looks so uncomfortable!

yikes. rene does not do it for me. never has, never will.

flowers, a belt, and ombre? too much.
So, there you have it. I have no street credibility whatsoever but that's my run down of it all. Oh, this girl below definitely nailed the look...

and one more for good measure...

Motherhood Mondays

Monday, February 25, 2013

I really feel like last weekend we had some great family time. M and I laughed a lot and had fun hanging out with our sweet pea. We often just looked at each other and said "don't you just love her so much?!"


Great! We finally got our first tooth with just two weeks to spare before her first birthday. Her bottom right popped up last Wednesday and she did have some fussiness to go with it. I only stumbled upon her tooth because she gave me her "I have something in my mouth that I shouldn't" look. I raced over and shoved my finger in to snatch what she had but it turned out to be a tooth! She is obsessed with feeling it with her tongue which makes her look guilty. Pretty cute if you ask me. :)


She's been loving everything (almost) that we have been eating lately. From lasagna to turkey meatballs, she's a happy girl! She is still breast feeding four to five times a day which makes me feel so grateful that I'm still able to spend that time with her. I know at sometimes I thought it was a burden/chore but I also know I will miss it when she's done. So with that said I don't plan on weaning her when she turns one. I'm going to let my body and her desire determine when we are done. And as far as I can tell both are still willing parties. :)


Aside from a couple random wake ups last Wednesday (I attribute this to her new tooth) she's been going down around six and waking around six. Sometimes seven to seven but since she dropped her last nap she's pretty much done at six. Sometimes we have "perfect" nap days (when I have nothing scheduled) which means she takes about an hour long nap around nine and a two hour nap around one. I LOVE the consistency of this age!


B hung out with her gramma while we went to see Safe Haven Wednesday night (sob fest!) and with her Lala on Sunday night when we went to church. We also went to lunch midweek with Dada and gramma which was a fun break in our day. On Saturday we went to a superhero themed party at little gym. So fun! Definitely will be doing that at some point in Blair's future for her birthday party.


Still so dramatic at diaper changing time. I dread it.


So much is happening at this age! I love it :). She got her first tooth, is really moving now (can I ask for baby gates for her birthday? We need five...sigh) and gives high fives. She started saying uh-oh when she drops something and says Dada when M unlocks the door getting home from work. By the way I'm glad "uh oh" has trumped "mama". Annoying. I swear she is also signing "more" and "milk" and "all done". She is also perfecting her pull to a stand (when the item she is pulling up on is the right height) and getting cause and effect with certain toys.

Post partum

It's almost been a year since I delivered a six pound baby! It's hard to believe and (almost) makes me want another babe now. Don't get excited... I'm not there yet! Im really just enjoying the moments that I am having with just Blair lately. It really is going by quickly especially when I look back at pictures. Now I'm starting to understand why everyone says cherish every moment...I'm going to miss this!


Green Mama

Friday, February 22, 2013

While I don't consider myself a "green freak" when it comes to reusable items there are some baby/mom things that are convenient, wallet friendly, and good for the earth (not to mention cute!). Below are some of my favorite "green" items that I have been loving:

{piggy boxes}

Not that we use moving boxes every day but when we needed them they were awesome! These boxes are light weight, don't require tape, and they come with packing paper for breakables. And do I have to mention how cute they are?!

the day we moved and B was born almost a year ago!

green moving made cute!
{cloth diapers}

I've done a few posts on cloth diapers and I have to say we are still using them and I am still loving them!

bum genius
{wet bags}

I use wet bags to store B's cloth diapers in between washings. I also keep one in her diaper bag for dirty cloth diapers while out and about as well as other things that get wet/dirty (bibs, clothes, swim suit, etc.)

a friend recently bought me this for B's birthday here

{snack bags}

These are better than wasting a bajillion ziploc baggies on cheerios, puffs, gold fish etc. Now if I could only choose on a print! Seriously so cute I think I may start bagging everything. My snacks, the dog's snacks, my travel makeup... it's in the bag.


{grocery bag}

When we first got married (almost 6 years ago!) I came home with some reusable Trader Joes bags. My hubby laughed at me and said I was silly. Well, this trend has taken off and I am proud to say I remember my bags 9 out of 10 trips to the store. I keep them in my trunk so this helps. But etsy has some pretty adorable cloth ones (which would be awesome because you can wash them).

i'd go to the grocery store everyday with these! here.

you can pick any color! great gift idea!
While browsing etsy I found this plastic bag holder. If you could see my stash of bags in the pantry you would know I need this. Yes, NEED.

PS why does etsy have the darndest cutest things EVER? Between that and pinterest I have a small addiction problem. Looks like I have some shopping to do... have a great weekend!

Unoriginal style

Thursday, February 21, 2013

I've been admiring this outfit for quite sometime and was happy because I realized I could recreate it for free with what I already have in my closet. (M, you can let out a sigh of relief now). Below is the look I saw in a recent lucky magazine...

Ok so I took this picture last night after seeing safe haven with M. Totally cried and did not want to look at the camera. I didn't completely think through the outfit otherwise I would have chosen a brighter purse, rolled my pants, and opted for some bright lipstick. But I did like the end result. And don't be surprised if you live in riverside and see me rockin this 'fit more than once a week. Except that you will have to wait a few days for the sweater to come back from the dry cleaners. Stupid chocolate fro yo. Worth it though.

Pants...Paige denim

Sweater... Briana Rene boutique

Chambray...old navy