2nd Birthday Wishes

Friday, February 7, 2014

Call me crazy but I've already got a birthday wish list going on for Blair. You should know to expect these things from me by now! Whenever I notice something she enjoys I jot it down so I have ideas for people who want to know. It's really convenient! Besides Baby Gap gift cards (!) I think she would also like these things...

All items can be found on Amazon at Blair's Wish List except for the Disney Little People which can be purchased in store at Target.

I hope you enjoyed the rain (if you live in southern California)...we sure did! Finally got to bust out my Hunter rain boots. Yippee! This weekend I am having a girls night here on Saturday and can't. even. wait! Pizza, nail polish, dessert, and friends...sounds like a dream!


  1. I slmost bought A a mr potato head the other day, I think she'd love it :) Can't believe B is slmost two!!

  2. Happy Birthday Blair! I can't believe how fast the past year went!

    ..The years are fast, but the days are long :)

    Have a special day!


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