Gift Card Holder

Friday, February 21, 2014

Ah, the gift card. A super easy gift that is sometimes frowned upon for it's impersonal touch. We don't hate on gift cards over here and I recently whipped up this super cute gift card holder for one of B's friend's birthday. They call him "man cub" so this did the trick! I used my cricut machine to cut out the card then secured the edges with washi tape so the gift card wouldn't fall out of the sides. I actually keep a stack of Target gift cards in the junk drawer for those "oops I didn't get you anything" moments.

In other news thank you SO much for all the get well comments for Blair...they worked! Girlfriend woke up like her normal self this morning and has kept everything down. I haven't been brave enough to attempt milk again...maybe when M gets home from work. ;)

She even felt good enough to hit up the park yesterday...just another chance to catch some more germs and get sick again I'm sure. :/ 

I bought that dress for B when I was prego! It's so fun to finally see her fit into some things that have been hanging in her closet forever. Still waiting for her to catch up to her shoe collection. :) Have a great weekend, babes! See you Monday!


  1. That dress! Omg it's too much, so cute and the boots, girlfriend is stylin'. Glad to hear she's better!

  2. Yikes, the reason she gets sick is because people like you bring their kids out when they are probably still contagious. That is my pet peeve.

  3. What an adorable dress!!

  4. That is so brilliant! Why haven't I ever thought of that!? I need to start keeping Target cards on hand, too. Gift cards are the best!!! ((But then again, I have a major shopping problem on a teacher budget, hah))
    I can't believe how big Blaire is getting!!!

    Kelsi in AZ. Btw, I have a new blog now. Your blog inspired me to start another :) Hope you 3 are doing well!


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