11 months

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Yesterday I mentioned that B turned 11 months old. M took some pictures of her this weekend and I literally died over how cute she looks in them. And not to mention grown up! Can I say that my own child is cute? I just did, I couldn't help myself. But you be the judge...

Poor B went to the doctor yesterday and turns out she has bronchiolitis which is a fancy word for baby bronchitis. Either way it stinks. Doctor gave her a "puffer" (which she actually loves go figure) to help with her wheezing. And while he said people older than two years old can't get it that still keeps her away from music class and Bible study (mama is pretty sad about that). If the wheezing doesn't subside in two days we're back to the doctor's to get antibiotics. Never. A. Dull. Moment. On the plus side she slept in till 7:30 yesterday morning and that was pretty amazing. Remember when she was six months? This weekend she gets her one year photos taken by (who else?) Carrie Johnson. Can't wait!

*Romper from Baby Gap

And if you want more from where that came from check out my facebook page.


  1. Love the pics, just went through them on FB sooo cute! Can't believe how much she's changed! Of course the love the romper, I tried to resist buying too much of the Beatrice Potter for Gap spring stuff since its still FREEZING here, luckily, A should still be in the same size come spring being such a midget. :)

  2. She is seriously TOO cute! Tell Matt the pics look great.

  3. She is darling! Her little baby curls - I die!

  4. She is definitely cute--There is no doubt about that! Happy 11 months to her!

  5. Yes you CAN say that she is so cute - she is a total doll!! :)


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