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Monday, February 4, 2013

Today is Blair's 11 month birthday!!! Seriously, what?! It's like they say, "the days are long but the years fly by." Unfortunately this week she has had a cold. What started as a clear runny nose turned into a nasty wet cough. :( By the grace of God she has been sleeping really well and hasn't been too fussy. My heart just breaks for her when she coughs. She sounds like a smoker. Boo to germs. But we didn't let that stop us this week! Check us out...


Not so hot. She's on her second cold of the winter. Which I guess it could be worse but since she was teething last week it just seems like she can't catch a break!


Surprisingly she is still eating well despite the cold. However she's been funky about nursing on one side. I'm still a bit concerned that it might be an ear infection since she had one with her last cold but I'm trying not to panic.


Sleeping really well but waking up on occasion in the middle of the night. However she cries for about ten minutes and then puts herself back down. I can work with this!


Been acting a little fussy but with good reason.


This weekend B headed out to a birthday party on Saturday and a Super Bowl party on Sunday. (We won $70!) She also had a birthday breakfast with her grampa for his 60th birthday!


Dada taught B how to give high fives. She's still practicing but it's pretty cute. Also she's been giving the biggest, wettest open mouth kisses and even though she's sick I've been loving it! Totally worth whatever cold I get from her. :)

Post partum

I've been busy cutting, tracing, and painting for Blair's first birthday party. I'm pretty pleased with the results thus far but still have quite a bit more decorating to go! Above is a picture of my friends and me at a Super Bowl party.


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