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Friday, February 22, 2013

While I don't consider myself a "green freak" when it comes to reusable items there are some baby/mom things that are convenient, wallet friendly, and good for the earth (not to mention cute!). Below are some of my favorite "green" items that I have been loving:

{piggy boxes}

Not that we use moving boxes every day but when we needed them they were awesome! These boxes are light weight, don't require tape, and they come with packing paper for breakables. And do I have to mention how cute they are?!

the day we moved and B was born almost a year ago!

green moving made cute!
{cloth diapers}

I've done a few posts on cloth diapers and I have to say we are still using them and I am still loving them!

bum genius
{wet bags}

I use wet bags to store B's cloth diapers in between washings. I also keep one in her diaper bag for dirty cloth diapers while out and about as well as other things that get wet/dirty (bibs, clothes, swim suit, etc.)

a friend recently bought me this for B's birthday here

{snack bags}

These are better than wasting a bajillion ziploc baggies on cheerios, puffs, gold fish etc. Now if I could only choose on a print! Seriously so cute I think I may start bagging everything. My snacks, the dog's snacks, my travel makeup... it's in the bag.


{grocery bag}

When we first got married (almost 6 years ago!) I came home with some reusable Trader Joes bags. My hubby laughed at me and said I was silly. Well, this trend has taken off and I am proud to say I remember my bags 9 out of 10 trips to the store. I keep them in my trunk so this helps. But etsy has some pretty adorable cloth ones (which would be awesome because you can wash them).

i'd go to the grocery store everyday with these! here.

you can pick any color! great gift idea!
While browsing etsy I found this plastic bag holder. If you could see my stash of bags in the pantry you would know I need this. Yes, NEED.

PS why does etsy have the darndest cutest things EVER? Between that and pinterest I have a small addiction problem. Looks like I have some shopping to do... have a great weekend!


  1. Ok seriously, I have like 2 yards of the bunny balloon fabric sitting upstairs! It's going to be the back of Ashlynn's quilt I'm sewing (since she's our 'bunny') love love it.

    And seriously, dying over B's invite! Thank you for sending one, we are doing a confetti theme, so I'm definitely inspired by the invite decoration! So cute!

  2. We use the plastic bag holder, it hangs in our laundry room next to the kitchen... out of the way and perfect for garbage bags. I always hated when they floated around under the sink..

  3. Thanks for the tip on the moving boxes! We are hoping to move this summer!

    Quick question - do you use special inserts with B's diapers overnight? My son leaked through every one no matter what I did, so I switched to disposables at night. I'd love to be using cloth all the time though! Thanks!


    1. Unfortunately we have the same problem and use disposables over night as well. We tried double stuffing them but then her bum is so big her pjs don't fit! Sigh. Let me know if you find a solution!

  4. Not as cute as your option but we put our plastic bags in a Kleenex box. It keeps them under control under the sink. Such cute ideas you shared today!

  5. Those cloth diapers are super cute. I'm the same way- not a green freak, but try to go green when I can! I need some chevron grocery bags in my life!!

  6. Not as sweet because your option yet we all set our own plastic-type bags in a Kleenex package. This will keep these people manageable within the kitchen sink. This sort of sweet suggestions an individual contributed these days!
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