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Monday, February 11, 2013

We're still battling Blair's pneumonia so she had a pretty low key weekend. Her dad however did not. He participated in the "tough mudder" race on Sunday. I had a fun weekend hanging out with some girl friends and then we had Blair's one year photos taken. I already have them back and they are SO cute! But you'll have to wait till her birthday to see (all) those. I may post one to keep the masses happy. ;)


Not so bueno. She is still recovering from pneumonia. :( But I do think she is getting better. It seems her wheezing is subsiding but she has started coughing more in the middle of the night. I hate having such a sick baby. My mom has personally banned her from all interactions with other babies since her immune system is compromised. B and I were both going bonkers last week being couped up so my mom offered to watch her as I ran some errands. Such a relief! She also got to spend some time with her other gramma so I could get out and about. Lucky baby!


For once my little chunker has really been laying low on the food. She's just now starting to eat again and I've been indulging her with happy tot squeeze pouches and yogurt. She loves that stuff! I will say she is really starting to eat whatever we are eating for dinner which is nice.


Surprisingly she is sleeping really well. Except for the coughing during the middle of the night she is still snoozing about 12 hours. However some of her medicine makes her wired and last night she was up playing till almost nine pm!



General fussiness from being sick and couped up but she seems happier now.



Definitely nothing social going on. Today we are going to music class only because she isn't contagious and there are only a couple other babies there. She hangs with her mama the whole time anyway so I'm not too stressed about germs.



Despite her sickness baby Girl decided to start crawling this week! She's not too fast or furious determined yet but she definitely has it in her. I'm constantly egging her on so I can get some video but whenever she sees the camera she freezes. Shes also been growling a lot lately which is pretty funny. I call her our little T. rex.

Post partum

Not much to report here. This section is probably going to get the boot soon!


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  1. Your little girl is absolutely adorable! But, I couldn't help but notice how she was strapped in her car seat. I would HATE for anything to happen to your little bundle!! Scootch up the clasp level to her armpits and pull it a bit tighter so she's more secure.

    Hope this helps!


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