Best/Worst Oscars

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I couldn't override Motherhood Monday's so here I am talking about the Oscars a day late and a dollar short. And let's be real, I'm only talking about the fashion of the night not the actual movies (do people watch those? jk.). Here are some of my faves...

form fitting and! although she was awkward on stage.
soft gray with a sweetheart neckline...beautiful!

although im not a pixie cut girl she rocks it. stunning gown.

lovely detail

on the fence about this one. remind me of a wedding dress cut from curtains but she looks pretty.

i swear this woman does not age!

i always love reese. pretty color on her. 
And the worst (in my humble opinion)...

i like anne but i don't like how her dress matches her skin tone. it reminds me of a bridesmaid dress no matter how sexy the back was...

again, not a fan of the dress matching the skin

this was just boring to me

this girl was a train wreck. from the limping to the blood shot eyes...yikes.

this is just not a good picture of jen. besides the color this dress is too plain.

this looks so uncomfortable!

yikes. rene does not do it for me. never has, never will.

flowers, a belt, and ombre? too much.
So, there you have it. I have no street credibility whatsoever but that's my run down of it all. Oh, this girl below definitely nailed the look...

and one more for good measure...


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