Take a hike

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Recently M and I went on a hike in sycamore canyon with his dad. B tagged along and we got to use our baby backpack for the first time! B loved being up high in her little tent and really enjoyed checking out the scenery around her. I was dying laughing because she reminded me of Aladdin riding in through a street fair.

Eventually she couldn't hang...
Later that day we went shopping with my mom and she was such a good girl in her fur vest. Why some strangers think she is a boy I will never know. I mean, she had on a fur vest and gold shoes!
Shoe challenge Toms
Shoe challenge snakeskin flats
Today I'm gettin my hair did, dropping off a meal for a friend who just had a baby, and going to a kick boxing class. Prayers for this upcoming weekend without Blair are much appreciated!


  1. That baby backpack is a riot! But seriously helpful, I'd bet. Sending love and prayers for your upcoming weekend - you'll do great, and so will your sweet baby girl! Love your blog xo

  2. OMG she is SO cute! Love the hiking backpack! And her cute fur vest! Will be thinking of you this weekend!!


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